Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jul 29, 2014
How Much Would WWE Likely Pay For TNA’s Tape Library?

How Much Would WWE Likely Pay For TNA’s Tape Library?

Source: The Wrestling Observer Radio

During the latest edition of WOL Radio, the possibility of WWE buying TNA’s video library (if they can’t get picked up by another network) was discussed.

An interesting note from that discussion was that TNA has over 1,000 hours (approximately 1,400 hours) of footage and the going rate from the WWE is about $500 per hour of footage. The word is that the offer from WWE would be at around $500,000 for the entire TNA video library. This is of course a worst case scenario situation, and again, is only speculation.

Meanwhile, TNA is currently having issues shopping the product because Hulk Hogan is no longer with them. Many networks view Hogan as a big draw in wrestling. Since TNA doesn’t have Hogan anymore, it’s hurting their reputation.

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9 Responses to “How Much Would WWE Likely Pay For TNA’s Tape Library?”

  1. Bro says:

    fuck Hogan

  2. Vince McMahon says:

    TNA is gonna die!

  3. VikingBlood says:

    Tna wrestling news. Sure likes to spread the dirt on tna

  4. dcxbox says:

    that seems like a bit much. tna prob would get much less, but thats only if tna would not get on tv and dixies parents shut up shop. wcw got around 100,000 or so and tna is not worth what wcw was. then again vince had connections with the president of turner sports and got a sweet deal just for get rid of wcw for them. so id say tna gets less than 500k but more than wcw in that case. but whatever. i just hope tna survives. im waiting on gfw to take its place as number 2. tna is only number 2 by default of being on national tv. if roh could get on national tv that could change but not by much, as roh would have a tough time as well.

  5. iamanadult says:

    What would wwe want with tna footage? They'd be damaging their own brand by attaching the wwe name and network to that production value. Love tna and all the historical moments that have happened there but wwe would never buy it IMO

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