Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jan 22, 2013
How TNA Announced That Sting Was Replacing Jeff Hardy

How TNA Announced That Sting Was Replacing Jeff Hardy

At last night’s TNA show in Dublin, Ireland, there was a small sign explaining that Jeff Hardy had been replaced by Sting due to injury.

There was no live announcement made.

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7 Responses to “How TNA Announced That Sting Was Replacing Jeff Hardy”

  1. Get_Carter says:

    Not a bad "understudy". I'd love to see Sting wrestling live and in person.

  2. tna24 says:

    not a bad replacement. since the whole mess Jeff been in the past months with tna. i think people are getting tired of him. since he not being like, like he did when he first came to tna

    • pepsilover2008 says:

      yea you can tell, the moment he won the championship, the crowd was split more than anytime in hardy's career, even as a heel.

      • Sturk says:

        and thats only cause TNA doesnt yet play in front of a large mainstream audience. In WWE you rarely hear the Hardy boo's cause they play in front of a audience thats not so nosey, they just want to be entertained. When TNA gets to the point when their mainstream audience drowns out the hardcore fan, it wont be that noticable

    • Philly_Cheese says:

      I don't know what trouble you're seeing… He's been clean of drugs, showing up at important events, and been doing well in the company. TNA was given long notice that Jeff wasn't going overseas, probably because of obligations he had here. People don't realize he has a wife and very young daughter right now.

      • tna24 says:

        im talking about ever since the PPV match where he was high or what ever. i think that when people started to dislike him. plus i believe some people didnt want to see him back and get a second chance

  3. nobalkain says:

    I have been really worried about his back. Its looking like he might drop the title to Daniels Thursday.

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