Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Feb 12, 2013
Huge Changes To TNA’s Lockdown Pay-Per-View

Huge Changes To TNA’s Lockdown Pay-Per-View


TNA Lockdown will no longer be an all-Steel Cage match PPV. The plan within the company is to have the top matches inside a cage, but for the undercard matches to be standard ring setup matches.

The PPV has been all-cage matches since it began in 2005.

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18 Responses to “Huge Changes To TNA’s Lockdown Pay-Per-View”

  1. Tiffanydude says:

    In my opinion this is a bad idea the reason for Lockdown was to see amazing Steel cage matches unless this some type of way to save money and then I gotta say I can live with the "top matches" being the steel cage matches."

    • Ringmaster44 says:

      the undercard steel cage matches were never much and there were always several matches that would never even touch the cage. I think if the wrestlers are gona use the cage then keep it a cage match if theyre not even gona touch the cage then theres no point

  2. Firestormdzl says:

    "Undercard matches" is not the best term here T_T

    I think I can live with that because to me, X-Division matches in a cage doesn't really work well because they are being limited by the steel cage, so if the X-Division matches were to go on without the steel cage, it'll be more interesting than with the steel cage.

  3. UCEAD11 says:

    I am thinking this is just so they can get more matches into the pay per view. THen build ups to cage matches rather than just cage matches. Anticipation is better than over indulgence.

  4. revrock20 says:

    What made Survivor Series fun was it was a specialized show. All the matches were 2 teams of 5 elimination matches. Now it's just another ppv. Lockdown will lose it's special appeal also. Just another ppv. Fortunately we have the specialized mini ppv's to look forward to. But for how long. And they're taped so you have spoiler temptation. Not so with regular ppv's. Another example of TNA going the way of WWE. Pity.

    • andy3323 says:

      Why does it always have to turn into a dang TNA/WWE comparison on here? Just because TNA does something or hires someone, it doesn't mean they sat around thinking of ways to be like WWE.

      • revrock20 says:

        Actually, it does. Both companies watch each other and yes they do tend to, from time to time, get ideas from what they see the other doing. Rival companies of all kinds do it. Some are decent ideas to copy others, not so much. I personally like once a year specialized ppv. Once a year isn't over kill. Those mini ppv's might be fun.Time will tell. They are all specialized.

    • tna24 says:

      tna is not being like wwe at all. so what if they change this ppv. too many cages matches can some times be boring. plus tna only has 4 ppv while wwe still has like 11 or 12 and tna has the one night specials, wwe doesnt, but tna and wwe are two different companies and they always will be no matter what!

      • Bigmike885 says:

        Dont be niave TNA24..if they were making any money on their PPV's they'd be doing 12 just like wwe…

        • revrock20 says:

          Perhaps the plan to take Impact on the road required a shift in funding. Use the money they would have used on 8 ppv's for impact on the road project. I don't think they are financially able to do both yet. The taped one night only ppv;s are probably more cost efficient. And it gives us something different. But yes if they had the money they would keep running their 12 ppv's.

    • Mr. Excitement says:

      I remember months back reading about some in WWE saying Lockdown is a joke because all their matches are in cages. I hope this change wasn't done because of those comments.

    • revrock20 says:

      Typical. Thumbs down for the truth. And we wonder why the world is in the insane shape it"s in. Oh wait. I don't wonder.

  5. TNArocks says:

    I think its a good thing to have the rest of card be regular matches. As previously the x divison guys can shine. The only thing I would say is if Matt Morgan is being pushed as a monster heel, seeing him squash somebody in a cage, would be good for the storyline. He could bounce someone from pillar to post for three or so mins, bloody them up then stroll out.

  6. HolsG says:

    Hate the idea!!!!
    It was lockdown (2009) which got me into TNA and that was because of the way wrestlers uses the cage. There's not much difference between it and other ppv's now apart from lethal lockdown.
    I thought that the ppv's were supposed to be better with there being less of them now.

    And those saying it's better for the x-divsioners; although that's true, this is a hardcore ppv and we now have the xtravaganza for the x division.
    We have no hardcore ppv's left now 🙁

  7. tnadude says:

    Personally, I like the idea.

    When all of the matches are in a cage, it de-emphasizes the effect of the cage. I remember going to cage matches when I was a kid. There was a certain wow factor associated with watching the cage be lowered from the ceiling. It was also a great build-up just looking up at it waiting for the main event where it would be used.

    If they want to do other specialized things – then do them! Anyone up for an Ultimate X match?

    I still think the main event should be in a triple-cage match (see Jarrett, DDP, & DA – I refuse to write the name from WCW). That would kick!

    • Bigmike885 says:

      AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..sorry..just the tought of that match (with him in it) makes me cry..haha..

      • tnadude says:

        Sorry 'bout that! I don't blame you. I was in tears myself when I wrote it! Was definitely the lowest point in professional wrestling history… Ugh. I'm getting sick to my stomach now.

        Still – a great match concept though…

  8. nd2smk says:

    Why change what made you different 1st you take away the 6 sided ring now; now you go the way of regular matches @ lockdown. Yes it cool that you make mini ppv, but you are taking away what made you different in the first place.

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