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Chris Sabin vs. Bully Ray was the main event for iMPACT!. JB did the big fight intros before the match. The Main Event Mafia and Aces and Eights came down at the start of the match. Bully dominated most of the match. They’re was a ref bump and Aces and Mafia fought in the ring to the back. Bully attempted to use the hammer but Sabin stopped him. Bully went for a power bomb but Sabin hit him with the hammer and pinned him to become the new TNA Champion!

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  1. tna4life says:

    Way to spoil it dumbass, but smart move by Tna, pulled a huge swereve

  2. Sa7827 says:

    Now I know Hulk is making the decisions.This is a joke Chris Sabin is good but he is not as good as AJ,Austin Aries,Kurt Angle,Bobby Roode,James Storm,Samoa Joe,or Bully Ray.But I would rather have Chris Sabin than Jeff Hardy.

    • 1Risky1 says:

      Dam people are never happy and always looking ways to blame Hogan

    • The Spectacular Crimson Spider says:

      Are you fuckin retarded? Chris Sabin put the X-Division on the map! Damn near every memorable match in TNA involving the X-Division had Chris Sabin in it. Oh, and all those guys you’ve named, Sabin beat them in title and non title matches. He’s one of the guys who’s been there since day 1 and you say him winning the belt is a joke? You must be smoking the same shit RVD smoking if you believe that Dumbass crap. I suggest you watch all those old Chris SabinX-Division and re-educate yourself before you start spewing a whole lot of dumb shit out your mouth. Idiot.

    • BOOOOM says:

      I am pretty sure you started watching TNA the other day? Do you even know how long Sabin has been in TNA and all the memorable matches he has been involved since day 1?

      Please just go to youtube dude

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