Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Aug 28, 2013
Huge Update: Hulk Hogan Heat & Bischoff’s False Claims

Huge Update: Hulk Hogan Heat & Bischoff’s False Claims

UPDATE x 3: As you may recall, Eric Bischoff took aim at reports yesterday that Hulk Hogan had signed a deal with 2K Sports for WWE 2K14 and that there was heat on Hogan in TNA over it. As a refresher, Bischoff posted the following:

“Interesting to read the “choir of idiots” suggesting that Hulk did a deal with 2K Sports. Illustrates just how ignorant these “experts” are

And how these “experts” are attempting to frame a narrative to sell thier b.s.

There is no Hulk Hogan/2K Sports deal. WWE is simply utilizing tradmarks/assets they currently own in a repackaged video game. Nothing new.

But thats not what the parasites and morons who run dirt sites want you to know.”

There is a problem with Bischoff’s claims, and that is that WWE doesn’t own Hulk Hogan’s trademarks. If they did than they could legally prohibit Hogan from appearing in TNA under that name. Hulk Hogan owned the rights and during his divorce form Linda Hogan he transferred those rights to Hogan Holdings LLC. The trademarks held by Hogan Holdings specifically includes “Prerecorded videotapes and DVD’s featuring wrestling; sunglasses; computer game cassettes and cartridges and video game cartridges.”

There are two currently-registered trademarks for the term Hulk Hogan, both controlled by Hogan Holdings and WWE doesn’t own or have rights to either of them. In addition, Bischoff misrepresented the video game as a “repackaged” game, as it will (as one might expect) continue elements of the THQ WWE games and use that game engine, but the game will be a new one.

Finally, while Bischoff’s statements suggest that Hogan didn’t sign off on the game, all talent involved receive royalties based on their likeness and involvement in the game. 2K Sports would need to get his rights separate from WWE, because again they do not own said rights. This means that either Hogan or someone representing Hogan had to have signed off on the deal (unless WWE wanted to be in a position to be sued) and 2K Sports has even made public statements suggesting that Hogan signed off, such as this quote from WWE 2K14 creative director Cory Ledesma from a recent interview:

“The first hurdle we had was Hulk Hogan. Hulk Hogan’s not currently with the WWE. We knew that if we couldn’t get Hulk Hogan, we weren’t going to have a ’30 Years of Wrestlemania’ mode, it’s just not possible. Hogan was involved in so many matches and so many moments, that he was critical to the game. We knew once we could overcome that hurdle, and Hulk Hogan was able to get into the game, we knew that it was going to be kind of downhill from there and we’d be able to secure a lot of the talent that might not be with WWE anymore.”

Bottom line: either Hogan or someone with his authorization signed off on the deal, or WWE and 2K Sports are setting themselves up for a massive lawsuit.

UPDATE x 2: Eric Bischoff has issued a number of tweets responding to reports regarding Hulk Hogan and Take-Two Interactive.

Interesting to read the “choir of idiots” suggesting that Hulk did a deal with 2K Sports. Illustrates just how ignorant these “experts” are
— Eric Bischoff (@EBischoff) August 27, 2013

And how these “experts” are attempting to frame a narrative to sell thier b.s.
— Eric Bischoff (@EBischoff) August 27, 2013

There is no Hulk Hogan/2K Sports deal. WWE is simply utilizing tradmarks/assets they currently own in a repackaged video game. Nothing new.
— Eric Bischoff (@EBischoff) August 27, 2013

But thats not what the parasites and morons who run dirt sites want you to know.
— Eric Bischoff (@EBischoff) August 27, 2013

Sigh ……

UPDATE: Hulk Hogan has signed booking licenses outside of TNA, including 2K Sports for WWE 2K14, which upset many people in TNA as we reported earlier here on the website. It appears as though he has more heat backstage thanks to his non-TNA media booking appearances, including an arm wrestling match against Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. This has given him a lot of media attention, but there has been no mention of him working in TNA in any of the media articles.

Some within the company are wondering if he is worth the money they are paying him. There is discussion on where the company is headed and if Hogan is involved in those plans. Meanwhile, Hogan is telling friends and co-workers that he can work a tag team match in the future, but can not work a one-on-one match.

We’re told Hogan’s TNA contract is expiring in several months so things could and likely will get interesting.

ORIGINAL: Hulk Hogan making a deal with Take-Two Interactive to be part of the upcoming WWE 2K14 video game definitely turned some heads and started speculation about his future with TNA according to sources. Hogan’s deal with TNA allowed him to make outside deals like that although many took it as a very public “slap to the face” of TNA.

He hasn’t been featured on TNA television for the last four weeks and wasn’t at the last two iMPACT! Wrestling TV tapings. Hogan is scheduled to return at the tapings this Thursday (8/28) in Cleveland. Keeping Hogan off the show was described as a “significant cost savings” for TNA. Hogan’s deal with TNA is believed to be expiring over the new few months. Some say it’s expiring in October but we can’t confirm that as of this writing.

More as we get it. Stay tuned.

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22 Responses to “Huge Update: Hulk Hogan Heat & Bischoff’s False Claims”

  1. Sturk says:

    Bischoff happens to be in the know……. You guys are just writing what you think… I believe Bischoff because even if he happens to be lying, there is still no credibility on you guys part that would make me think you are correct.

    • ricky_No1 says:

      Its commonly known Hogan as copyright of all things hogan. Therefore the statement makes perfect sense.

      • toddmikki says:

        If wwe owns zero of hogan than how come they have ALWAYS SOLD HOGAN MERCHANDISE? …. answer. …. because they do own some things of hulk hogan and bischoff is CORRECT!

        • mb113 says:

          If I remember correctly Several years ago Hogan gave the WWE rights to the use of his name and likeness for a large some of money, while hogan still controls his name.

        • Bigmike885 says:

          No..youre wrong..Hogan owns every aspect of his name/likeness. Anything that WWE sells with his name on it (minus dvd's because the own the FOOTAGE) Hogan gets a percentage of. Video games are not part of that (as a matter a fact you can look on Hulks website and it describes what he has control over, and low and behold video game licensing is on the list of stuff he has to sign off on)

          • Philly_Cheese says:

            You also have to consider how sue happy Hogan has always been. Hogan has sued smaller companies for much less. Is everyone forgetting that small car company that he tried to sue for having a cartoon character in a commercial that looked similar to him?

            Fact is WWE doesn't have the rights to Hogan's likeness, and never did, or else he wouldn't have had any right to attempt to sue that car company. There's a reason why he has only been featured in one video game. Also the statement from Cory Ledesma is correct, what's written about was copied word for word from an interview. I'm sure Hogan will make claims to people in TNA about that deal, and say he had nothing to do with it to try and cover his own ass.

    • ACPWA says:

      douchebag ryan clark is just butt hurt

  2. andy3323 says:

    Sounds like the dirt sheets getting into a war of words with Bischoff and they expect me to read their response.

  3. calgarydawg says:

    Hogan owns the rights if you google his holding company one of the hits is for Hogan's Wrestling a low tier video game released in 2011. So Hogan had to sign off on his name and likeness to be in the game. SO Bischoff is not in the "know" but trying to do some damge control for his buddy as this looks bad for his reltionship with TNA. BUT on that note who cares if Hogan is making a little extra dough on his name really if I could I would.

    • nwoforlife says:

      so why would it look bad for hogan doing this news flash its in his contract that he can make deals out side of tna so why would there be heat he did nothing wrong get over it

      • Philly_Cheese says:

        Yes it is in his contract, but the thing that's probably upsetting to people in TNA is the fact that he's attaching his likeness to WWE more than TNA. Everywhere he's made appearances they refer to him as "former WWE wrestler" and he does nothing to tell them that he's currently affiliated with TNA.

        How would you feel if you owned a wrestling company, and you paid someone to help get attention, and to make your company more "main stream". Then when opportunity after opportunity to do so happened, he'd rather be referred to as a former employee of your biggest competition. It'd be like a programmer working for Microsoft being referred to as a former Apple programmer .

    • pepsilover2008 says:

      I think it's was part of a multi game deal with yukes and thq. When 2k bought the assets any hogan ones came with it if it was a multigame deal. If you compare the wwe 2k14 models with legend of wrestlemania they're almost exact.

  4. calgarydawg says:

    Hogan owns his name and likeness Bishoff is blowing smoke as per usual.Hogan had to sign off to be in the game google his holding company. ho cares if I could make money off my name I would.

  5. RavenNevermore says:

    Tna needs to be anti dirtsheets on tv. Perhaps a tad ani IWC. I would have an Anti blatant IWC angle. Because there are some brilliance in the IWC I cannot deny that. Just most of it is full of sheep who never think on their own. Taz would be a better heel commentator if he was acting like an internet mark


  6. JoeWrestling says:

    I just took it that Hogan has signed a deal with WWE in the past for video game rights that was still standing. But I guess some random internet reporter knows more than them.

  7. pepsilover2008 says:

    Hogan did the game legends of wrestlemania, which if hogan signed a multi-game deal with yukes or thq (very possible) they do have rights as they'd transfer to 2k during the purchase and they'd be able to use the assets. I even said the new game's models look like the models from legends of wrestlemania when it was revealed. Bischoff could be lying, but what reason does he have to do so?

  8. kyle says:

    WHO CARES!!!! The only thing im worry about is aj style contract

  9. The Boss says:

    And why are people all up in arms over this video game? Because HOLLYWOOD HULK HOGAN is STILL the biggest name and most popular man in pro wrestling and everybody (especially the IWC) hangs on every word he says and wants to know what he’s doing 24/7.

  10. Peckar says:

    Some of you's have some serious video game knowledge going on.

  11. DirkB says:

    Bischoff seems to have ruffled a few feathers, I'd have loved to see the reporter's face when Eric posted those comments.

    Hogan was in a WWE game a few years back, they had the nWo as a big part of it, Hogan could easily have signed a contract allowing his likeness to be used which still stands. A google search won't bring up confidential contract agreements.

    • Philly_Cheese says:

      His website states he has direct control over video games in particular. I doubt Hogan would be foolish enough to allow his likeness to be stretched over multiple games, which are years apart from each other. If you look at the interview which was quoted, they had issues and worries about whether or not they would actually be able to get Hogan's likeness. If WWE flat out owned the rights to begin with they would've known off the bat.

  12. weasel6666 says:

    and they call this sh*t update! This is nothing more then an opinion editorial…

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