Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on May 12, 2013
Huge WWE & TNA Talents Honor Mother’s Day

Huge WWE & TNA Talents Honor Mother’s Day

Some WWE and TNA talents have made special Mother’s Day tweets:

Vince McMahon: “My mom is 92 and plays tennis twice a week. Happy Mother’s Day.”

Dixie Carter: “Happy Mothers Day to every mom out there. Being a mom is the greatest honor in the world! #SoBlessed!”

John Cena: “Wishing ALL the mom’s on @twitter in @WWE and worldwide a #happymothersday I love you mom, even if ya had that brief fling w @TheRock ;)”

The Rock: “Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful mamas out there. We love and honor you! #MassiveSonBearHug”

Stephanie McMahon: “Thank you @TripleH for giving me the greatest gift of all, our 3 daughters. I am truly blessed. #HappyMothersDay”

Triple H: “HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to moms everywhere!!!!!!”

Hulk Hogan: “Happy Mother’s Day ,miss spending this day with my mom but we will all regroup after this moment in time 4life afterlife,much love mom tgbHH”

Austin Aries: “Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom. Thanks for that safe, warm place to sleep before my big Earth debut, and all you’ve done and been since. #LOVE”

Adam “Edge” Copeland: “Happy Mothers Day to all the current moms, brand new moms, and future mom’s to be! And especially my Ma #thejudemeister”

Shawn Michaels: “Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there!! Have a wonderful day!!”

Kurt Angle: “Happy Mothers Day to All the Mothers Out there. GOD Bless!!”

Madison Rayne: “Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing mommies out there. You all created miracles and today you deserve to be celebrated!!! XO!!!”

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7 Responses to “Huge WWE & TNA Talents Honor Mother’s Day”

  1. soyfenomenal says:

    Honor Mother's Day…?


    deceiving title

  3. Roid Master says:


  4. annil8or4321 says:

    how many moms have twitter accounts?

  5. TwIsTeD_EnEmY says:

    This title made me freak out!
    Thought i missed mothers day, but here in the UK its in March for some reason

  6. whatsup121 says:

    Austin Aries with the best tweet ever

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