Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Nov 25, 2012

Hulk Hogan Aids Hurricane Sandy-Victimized Family

Hulk Hogan recently helped out a family in Staten Island who are big fans of his and got hit by Hurricane Sandy. The Fazio family had an impressive collection of Hogan items, many of which were signed, that were destroyed when their basement flooded. Benny Fazio, the father of the family, contacted Hogan’s store in Tampa, Florida and explained the situation to the store’s manager; the information got to Hogan and he posted a video message to them on his Facebook page, called the family and sending them several items in order to restart their collection.

You can read more about the story here.

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7 Responses to “Hulk Hogan Aids Hurricane Sandy-Victimized Family”

  1. TwIsTeD_EnEmY says:

    Oh wow thats really nice of him

  2. rawuncutnxrated says:

    Hope he isn't pledging money from those lawsuits.

  3. tnadude says:

    No surprise here. Hogan's done charitable work throughout his career. These things always come full circle and help explain his longevity within the industry. Good for him. Hopefully more guys will figure this out as well.

  4. Treck says:

    Good to see good news on Hogan as the internet usually paints him as a jerk. Well till he goes back to the WWE then he is a God again to them.. hypocrites!

  5. Pipboy86 says:

    They still need lots of help too. The situation is far from resolved. The Lamestream media has basically ignored Hurricane Sandy now. Don Tony Deblassi (spelling?) spoke in length on this and how Fema really is not helping that much. There are still people who are basically living in tent cities. As Don Tony also stated, Fema is not helping people with insurance policies and insurance is not paying out yet (Don Tony is an insurance rep). He also spoke about how some are trying to get the hurricane reclassified down from a hurricane to a super storm. The case being that flood damage will no longer be covered for those who do not specifically have flood insurance policies. He expects it to get worse in the coming weeks if people realize they are not going to get the assistance they need with winter coming.

    I realize money is tight for everyone in this economy. I realize it is going to get worse for the middle class with tax increases and people losing their jobs and being cut to part time from the fallout from Obamacare. If you got a couple bucks though, you might want to visit the Red Cross website, because there are a lot of people right now living hand to mouth from the generosity of their neighbors and nobody in the lamestream media seems to give a damn.

    • dcxboxx says:

      im from new orleans, talk about fema not helping is no shock here. my family had insurance and the fema backed road home program for the state offered if i remember up to 150k for damages to homes. the problem is if u were a responsible home owner and had insurance you got screwed. we should have quaified for the full 150k which would have helped my father get rid of the stress that eventually killed him, as he would have paid off his mortgage and been able to fully restore the house. the people that came to the house to inspect said we only had so much damanage from flood. they didnt take into the acount that we had to rip it all out even though just a few inches of water. the mold builds up fast when you are not allowed into your home for a few months in a town with high humidity. so instead fema gave them like 7,000. insurance wasnt enough because so many people were price gouging taking advananage of homw owners. thats if you were lucky to get people to repair a home within a few years (people are still getting work done) they paid taxes , they wrre responsible home owners , had full flood and home insurance. fema just gave everything to the ones who had no insurance, and many of those took money and left, while my family wanted to stay and rebuild. (this is both fema and state program, way to go gov) i wish them all the best on the norh east.

  6. Larry_The_Dwarf says:

    Hogan , who I seriously cannot stomach , I however applaud him partaking in such a noble cause !!! He , along w/ The McMahon's I must say do donate and endorse charities and have for several years now , aside from the fact that I can't take them either due to their arrogance , and big-headedness when it comes to personality and business practices
    , but Bravo to both parties and keep up the great work all !!!

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