Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Oct 6, 2013
Hulk Hogan Plays Up ‘Firing’ Storyline Via Facebook

Hulk Hogan Plays Up ‘Firing’ Storyline Via Facebook

As seen Thursday night on iMPACT! Wrestling Dixie Carter wanted Hulk Hogan to join “Team Dixie,” but the former iMPACT! General Manager told her, “I Quit,” and walked out. Following the show, Carter wrote on Twitter, “You are so fired @HulkHogan!!!”. However, he is still listed as a member of the TNA Wrestling roster.

The WWE Hall of Famer considers that four-year chapter over. Following the event, he wrote on his official Facebook account, “One door closes, another one opens, and I’m ready for my next challenge. Life is good. HH.”

As we’ve previously reported, Hogan has yet to renegotiate his contract with TNA and both sides are working on a new deal.

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23 Responses to “Hulk Hogan Plays Up ‘Firing’ Storyline Via Facebook”

  1. Kyle says:

    Please, let the negotiations fall through.

    • Philly_Cheese says:

      I think the greater portion of the fans want him gone.

      • nwoforlife says:

        then your a fool hogan will always get a good fan reaction because must real fans respect what he has done for the biz hell he put your butt here

        • Dick C. Carter says:

          He didn't "put my butt here." I NEVER cared for Hogan. The Rock and Wrestling era ruined wrestling for over a decade, in my opinion. I liked wrestling, no sports entertainment. Hogan was the worst wrestler to ever step in the ring. I had for more respect for Ric Flair and the NWA than I did Hogan and the WWF.

      • nwoforlife says:

        i think the greater portion of your brain is dead

  2. purpleurkel says:

    If they are setting up a new NWO style inasion, HH will not benefit the storyline.

    Please return to an X-division show, Revive the ECW action. People will watch. Continually pushing Magus-type wrestlers are boring the fanbase.

    • Leg Drop Jobber says:

      What's so bad about "Magnus?" He has had fantastic matches a few years back. What you're seeing now is only a quarter of what the guy is capable of. Just go on youtube and search his British Invasion matches from a few years back. Great work.

      • Whatever says:

        Yeah but like you said it was a few years back and obviously that was then and this is now.

      • UK TNA says:

        Agreed, leave Magnus out of it. U obviously don’t like him cuz he’s a brit. Did u not see the BFG finals or the gauntlet match on impact cuz he looked all good to me!

      • Philly_Cheese says:

        The problem is Magnus is terrible in singles matches, he has been during his entire run with TNA. He's always been more memorable in tag teams, and I think he always will. His character is incredibly dull, and he's ok at best in any singles match he's been in.

        • Dick C. Carter says:

          I happen to think it's TNA booking and the particular style of matches TNA leans towards these days. Only time will tell.

    • nwoforlife says:

      and the x really brought in the rating right

  3. Dick C. Carter says:

    Considering he seems to be "playing along" with Dixie on Twitter, I'm guessing the ass isn't going anywhere. Total bummer.

  4. Sturk says:

    how is that playing up a storyline?? That sounds like a very real fb status

  5. JoeWrestling says:

    Hogan isn't leaving if he has no other offer. He will work at TNA for whatever price and just pretend he is paid more. He's on TV and gets paid a lot either way just for hanging around.

  6. hangers says:

    I so hope he's gone for good, TNA doesn't need him..

  7. chris says:

    It’s not a storyline, he’s gone. A guy I work with is buddies with Jeff Jarrett and apparently everyone in TNA wants him gone so yeah.

    • 1-2-3 says:

      and you’re a big ass bullshitter if EVERYONE at TNA wanted hogan gone he would have been gone a long time ago and Jeff jarretts to busy with the japan and wrestling 1 promos to be dealing with TNA so yeah bullshit

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