Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Apr 6, 2013
Hulk Hogan Speaks Out On TNA, Sting, & More

Hulk Hogan Speaks Out On TNA, Sting, & More

Chris Austin sent this one in:

Hey Ryan, I sent you a Facebook message but after i sent it i realized you prefer being emailed. Hulk Hogan was on the boomer and carton show this morning. I only saw the end of the interview but heard it was very good. He talked about TNA, Sting and how he got started in the wrestling industry. Here is a link that you can download the audio from: I’ve been following your sites for many years now and your the only person i follow to get the latest wrestling news, cause i see how dedicated you are to it and majority of the time accurate. I just want to say keep up the good work bud, us wrestling fans are grateful to have you! Thank you,

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