Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Sep 10, 2012
Hulk Hogan: TNA Screwed Up By Letting Devon Slip Away

Hulk Hogan: TNA Screwed Up By Letting Devon Slip Away

Devon’s departure from TNA Wrestling two weeks ago due to his contract not being renewed came as shock to many employees since he well-liked and considered a model employee. Hulk Hogan is among those people.

Sunday on Twitter, the legendary wrestler was asked about Devon returning to TNA for at least one night to drop the Television Championship and responded “I’m all over it.” He continued, “Devon is to valuable to ever let him slip away, huge screw up on somebodys part. HH.”

Hogan also posted a fan message stating, “Bring back our TNA tv champion. We all miss Devon on Thursday nights!”

Devon responded to Hogan’s appraisal of him, tweeting, “thank u @HulkHogan for all the great and kind words he said about me.if it wasn’t for him i wouldn’t b in the biz. i wouldn’t had the run since i got the tna tv title . thank you sir.”

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20 Responses to “Hulk Hogan: TNA Screwed Up By Letting Devon Slip Away”

  1. CaptainN says:

    I’m glad my convo with HH made headlines…….I’m glad he actually responded to me and wrestling sites are actually reporting it 🙂

  2. Mr. Excitement says:

    I respect the fact he's a good worker and well liked, but I don't care about seeing him in the ring.

  3. purpmuffins says:

    I'm not a huge fan of Devon, but the crowd pops big for him. That should say something.

  4. jbcissom says:

    As a singles talents, he's a great mid-carder, whom the younger talents can be tested against.

    • Bigmike885 says:

      and those are the most important players in the game..its sad that usually neither company has any respect for guys like that.

  5. hangers says:

    I think BR is so much better than Devon as a singles compeditor. I'd be more than happy to see Devon re-sign if he was just mentoring the youngsters, maybe in a tag team with someone. I'm sure he has alot to offer behind the scenes as well..

  6. Raincold57 says:

    uh no hogan.they dont need 40 somethings taking away tv time from the newer talent..that was the right thing to do.. the wrong thing to do is having rvd beat magnus at the ppv, having hogan take the spotlight away from they're stars, having no new women in the ko division, having no real tag teams, having no x division matches or fueds on impact thats what is screwed up..not devon leaving…

    • Stunner says:

      Amen RVD should have lost that match! Bring on some of the newer talent !

    • tnadude says:

      I like Magnus, and I don't like RVD (never have). But Magnus isn't big enough to beat RVD. He needs to be properly pushed first. This is all part of a bigger agenda for Magnus. Stay tuned. In the meantime, it's unrealistic to let Magnus beat someone who is that much bigger than him. It doesn't only hurt RVD – it hurts Magnus as well.

      As for Hogan, he takes very little TV time, and pushes the guys over extremely well. He'll even halt the Hogan chants to remind people that AA is the important guy in the ring. Very classy.

      The rest of your post (the KO division, X division, & tag division) are spot on. I'd add the TV belt needs a feud as well. But Devon could contribute in multiple ways. It takes a mix of guys to make a good roster.

  7. Firestormdzl says:

    Sorry to say but I'm happy with Bully Ray signing a 2 years deal. Devon is a great mid-card and he can help push a lot of young talent, but overall, If things went in reverse where Devon signed and Bully didn't, I would be totally upset, but now I'm happy watching iMPACT Wrestling every Friday morning (TNA is lived every Thursday night in America which is Friday Morning in my timezone)

  8. TwIsTeD_EnEmY says:

    TNA is probably better off without him as a wrestler. Hes alright, but it would be better to have younger talent in the spotlight

  9. weasel6666 says:

    i'm with the majority, i really don't care much that Devon left, and i'm really happy that Bully stayed.

  10. JoeWrestling says:

    Everyone loves Devon and the audience likes Devon, but having Devon doesn't make any difference for the company. With that said, we don't know Devon is gone, it is just as likely it is a storyline and he will be returning. Considering he was the TV champ, and he left with no mention. They knew his contract was ending, they could have easily switched the title on any show and just used the title on house shows if they didn't want it on TV anymore. Also, why would Hogan even be mentioning it in this context if it wasn't an angle. Even if Hogan was just trying to make himself look good by being sympathetic other people in the company would see what he's doing.

  11. IW4EVA says:

    Model employee ???? If he were so then he would drop the title before he departs and moved to another promotion

  12. whatsup121 says:

    Devon defends the title the same amount of time he's not with the company in comparison to the time he's with the company now that is talent

  13. JustBringIt says:

    Is that a joke? “Bring back our TNA tv champion. We all miss Devon on Thursday nights!”…….when was the last time he defended his title on Impact? He's only been defending it on Xplosion lol

  14. ScienceViolence says:

    Hmm still seems like some kind of angle to me.

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