Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Mar 8, 2013
Hulk Hogan To Address Bret Hart, Daniels/ESPN

Hulk Hogan To Address Bret Hart, Daniels/ESPN

— ESPN has an interview with Christopher Daniels promoting Lockdown that you can read here.

— Hulk Hogan will be appearing in the UK on the Challenge Late Zone this Sunday to address Bret Hart’s recent criticism of him where Hart claimed that Hogan and Bischoff are holding TNA back. The interview will air on YouTube and you can find out more here.

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5 Responses to “Hulk Hogan To Address Bret Hart, Daniels/ESPN”

  1. Treck says:

    Lockdown will be TNA,s largest crowd. So holding TNA back huh Bret? All Bret wants is attention and the washed up has beens get it from talking garbage about Hogan. What the he’ll is wrong with Bret? McMahon has his hand up his ass?

    • pepsilover2008 says:

      I think bret simply is bitter, he can't wrestle anymore which almost makes him useless where hulk can't wrestle, but he can still entertain. Hogan without wrestling is still decent, not so much with bret.

  2. powerbomb says:

    TNA + Hogan = Good Show but TNA – Hogan = Great Show

  3. locktite says:

    Hulkie should stick to manhandling his daughter, and leave TNA alone because he will sink it. Oh he can't yet that son of his needs a job, is he out of jail yet for ruining an actual worthwhile person's life. The 3 of them can't compare to that gentleman's worth.

  4. hangers says:

    Hulk cant let it go, wants to stay in the spotlight, the Hart thing was done and dusted a couple of weeks ago..

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