Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jul 27, 2013
Hulk Hogan Tweets On The ‘#August1Warning’

Hulk Hogan Tweets On The ‘#August1Warning’

Hulk Hogan posted this tweet on Saturday afternoon regarding the “#August1Warning” mystery-man angle TNA kicked off last night:

“What’s up with AUGUST 1. don’t need anymore head aches with this kind of stuff!! GM.IMPACT WRESTLING. HH”

Hogan has followed up on Twitter with this new tweet:

Aces&8’s and Main Event Mafia be ready for August 1st,don’t want any more trouble brother. HH

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  1. am81t1on says:

    Based on Hogan’s tweet, I wouldn’t be surprised if it is Eric Bischoff making his return to TNA TV. Back then, during the NWO days, they were famous with these videos. Hulk Hogan with the biggest heal turn in wrestling history for the 2nd time?!?! Kinda funny also, Hogan and Bischoff are the first to tweet about this “Mystery Man”

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