Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Feb 25, 2013
Hulk Hogan’s Issues With Jeff Hardy Over The UK Tour

Hulk Hogan’s Issues With Jeff Hardy Over The UK Tour

Hulk Hogan recently spoke with Fighting Spirit Magazine about Jeff Hardy not being on the recent TNA UK tour. Here is what he had to say…

“Dixie runs the company, but if it was up to me and it had been my decision, Bobby Roode would have been a great champion to have right now. The (UK) tour plus a champion makes sense; a tour with no champion doesn’t make sense. [But] I choose my battles; some people look at the picture differently to how I do.”

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16 Responses to “Hulk Hogan’s Issues With Jeff Hardy Over The UK Tour”

  1. Mr. Excitement says:

    Wasn't this already posted?
    Must be another slow news day.

  2. powerbomb says:

    this was posted before

  3. purpleurkel says:

    I agree… the creative team is making some serious errors lately:
    1) Hardy still the champ
    2) Bully as face
    3) Aces & 8s look weak without a serious belt
    4) 3 man X division
    5) Anderson in As&8s

    the only positive thing going is Roode/Aries comic tagteam
    dont let the ratings slip guys. you have the power to fix these things.

    • tnadude says:

      I think 1 – 3 will change in a couple of weeks. I could see Anderson pulling a switcheroo as well. Doesn't look good for the X-Division though.

      Just sayin'…

    • Bully as a face? Bully sucks period but if he's going to be in TNA he needs to be a heel cause no one cares about him anyways. 3 man division is just a joke. Knockouts are a joke but at least they finally gave the title to someone who can get over and has some charisma in Velvet. Hardy should lose it at Lockdown, but since his opponent is Bully……for the first time since his win…..I want Hardy to retain the title. Anderson is awesome period. I like him in Aces and Eights cause he's the only guy I care about. Him and Devon, but the only problem I have with Devon is he doesn't defend the damn tv title and makes it have no meaning again

    • JoeWrestling says:

      Hardy is the champ because he won the BFGS and won at Bound For Glory. Why should he not be champ, he's the top guy. Bully Ray is not a face. He's fighting Hardy at Lockdown which is his nemesis since Bully lost to him in BFGS finals and the opening Gauntlet match. This is all planned out in advance, not some thrown together crap. A&8 might look weak, but that's up to them. Hogan isn't going to reward them with title matches, and doesn't want them to have titles. There are more that 3 man X-Division, it's just that lots of people are tied up in tag division, so that's still the same style, just not singles. How many people should be in contention for the X-Division title at one time?

  4. HolsG says:

    Well with the way UK fans are, Joe would be best lol – WE LOVE HIM!!

    • jbcissom says:

      I think we're about to see another Joe-Angle feud… and I'm down with it. It would be really nice if the heel swerve was Joe this time instead of Angle.

  5. tna24 says:

    would anyone trust hogan to do anything. we should be lucky dixie running things. hogan the reason we had old timers come to tna like the NWO etc.. he the reason we went from Thursdays to Mondays just to battle wwe. which failed. hogan not the brightest.

    • Philly_Cheese says:

      You're right, nothing against Hogan but he's not known for having successful business ventures. I mean the only really profitable ventures he's had was a reality TV show, and Midget wrestling, and even those were ok at best.

      The thing is Hogan is so obsessed with who's champion and making the show about that person. People in TNA need to learn not to make the show about the champion, no one cares that much. It's about the story and being entertained, not about who has the title belt. From what I can observe Hogan looks at things to much like a wrestler and not a fan.

      • tna24 says:

        i actually enjoy the past few weeks without the champ and plus with less PPVs there really no need for the champ to be use all the time. it was a nice change, i just didnt like how they show how jeff got hurt so much

        • Philly_Cheese says:

          See the thing is that I'm not even totally sure Hogan was ever a fan of wrestling, like actually sat down and watched wrestling and marked out for somebody. He doesn't see the product how a fan does… If he did he'd know that it doesn't matter who the champion is, it's about being entertained.

  6. Peckar says:

    This is after he told us Bobby Roode wasn't ready to be champ over a year ago. He just feeds us BS. If he truely thought that it would have happened, Dixie obviously eats his sh!t up. Otherwise why is Hogan still the centre-piece for the show?

    • tna24 says:

      really dont believe that if dixie did hogan ideas would be all over tna. just look at the fail stuff he brought when he first came. he brought old timers and a fail shot at a Monday ***ht war. hogan does what dixie want him to. hogan has litte say. if dixie listen to him tna would of been live and on the road along time ago.dixie run the show not hogan

      • Peckar says:

        If you believe that, you would believe anything. He is a fine backstage politician, always has been, always will be. Why do you think Garrett is still there? Nobody gives a shit for him, heel or face. Yet he is still there in place of someone like Kid Kash.

  7. rabid says:

    I dont care what anyone says i still think jarrett should be incharge of creative… the fueds and storylines for the most part were amazing not to mention that each division had equal time. Even the old timers they brought in they were used more to enhance rather than outshine even if they held belts. The x division upsets me the most… Petey williams sonjay dutt jay leathal alex shelly all of them top caliber preformers all let go and now we are left with zima ion and kenny king. It even feels like the lack of opponents has watered down rvd… I looked forward to seeing what he could do in a ultimate x match dudes still got it and could help make many more memorable moments.

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