Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Feb 21, 2013
Hulk Hogan’s Restaurant Ripped, RVD/Angle, More

Hulk Hogan’s Restaurant Ripped, RVD/Angle, More

— The Tampa Bay Times wrote a scathing review of Hulk Hogan’s new “Hogan’s Beach” restaurant, slamming the food, service and atmosphere. You can check that out here.

— Hulk Hogan, Kurt Angle, Rob Van Dam, Austin Aries, Bully Ray, James Storm, Bobby Roode and Samoa Joe are being advertised for the April 5th Wrestlemania weekend house show in Westbury, Long Island.

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10 Responses to “Hulk Hogan’s Restaurant Ripped, RVD/Angle, More”

  1. Philly_Cheese says:

    Read the review, and sounds like she had every reason to rip him badly. Menu was listed as a few papers printed out and stapled together… The food is so cheap (most of all items being 10$ or less), that it's in all likelihood prepackaged (or else they wouldn't be able to be profitable). Also three different menus just for one restaurant? Seriously waaaay to many items for just one cook to remember, which further pushes the idea that everything is pre-made or frozen. Nothing against Hogan, because from what I've read this is being run mostly by his partner, but this sounds like this place will not last.

    • DirkB says:

      The price of food in the US is ridiculously low, I've been involved in catering in the UK for years and yes you can put out quality for that amount of money, most places don't but a lot of chefs can barely cook anything other than basic and bland.
      I know places that charge over £50 ($75) for 3 courses and they use frozen, cheap crap, cost has little to do with quality.

      There's a reason they're called critics, they get their money for being critical.

      • Philly_Cheese says:

        I used to be a cook, when you read the review and the see the pictures you can see why it got a bad review. Three separate menus that are multiple pages for any restaurant is known for being the kiss of death, at least for dine-in restaurants. I admit food is plentiful and cheap, but at those prices they certainly would not be able to afford a skilled chef and remain profitable. The prices they have there seem to be comparable to fast food places at the moment, which manage to make a profit with lower wages than those of highly skilled chefs and servers, and mass sales number (high number of customers).

        Also I read the critics other reviews that she had made in the past year, and she hasn't been the type to give bad reviews just to get people to read. As a cook, I know there's some critics who will rate a place low for no particular reason aside to get attention, but in this case she clearly didn't.

        • Leg Drop Jobber says:

          As a former cook, you've probably noticed that when restaurants first open, their prices tend to be kept on the low side, rising once the business get's a steady clientele. Maybe I'm wrong here.

          • Philly_Cheese says:

            No this isn't usually the case (at least in successful restaurants). Most customers, especially the loyal ones do not like price increases, especially if the product remains the same. In all cases all restaurants before opening, must determine their menu, then determine what the optimal price is (considering all conditions such as: the amount it costs to make, and employee costs such as waiters and cooks).

            When restaurants begin increasing prices customers visit the restaurant less often, it's well know by anyone running a restaurant. You need to know what the optimal amount is, considering the quality of the food, and the amount people are willing to pay. The average amount a person in the US is will to spend in a sit down restaurant is roughly 12$ to 15$, that's IF the food quality is good. Unfortunately from what the reviewer stated, it wasn't of good quality. From what I've read in all her reviews in the past year; the worst she said about any other place was stating the food was "average, good but not great".

          • Leg Drop Jobber says:

            Here in St. Louis, restaurant prices tend to fluctuate quite often. Especially the higher end restaurants. Prices have gone up and down, especially during the beginning of the so called "oil shortage," as well as the fumbling economy. That's just an observation as a customer, not one of a "professional opinion." This has especially happened in establishments that are 3 years old or less.

            On another note, I don't picture a Hogan franchise being interested in quality, instead interested in selling "the Hogan Brand."

          • dcxboxx says:

            thats cheap . the average i get my tables to spend where i wait tables at is about 75-90 per person. but im including drinks

  2. hangers says:

    Does the wine come in paper cups…

  3. dcxboxx says:

    why expect amazing quality its made to be a chain restaurant. and chains suck for quality. food and service sucks at chains. they hire inexperienced servers and experience servers generally will avoid such places, because usually cheap people will go to those place (not saying all people who do are cheap) (cheap as in 10-18% tippers. average tipper shoudl tip at in 20% i average around 30% and have many 40-60%s i have a few people i have as regulars that will leave me $500 no matter what they order, even if they just want a sandwich, but those are few and far between people)

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