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Internal WWE Reaction To Hogan/Bischoff/TNA

Internal WWE Reaction To Hogan/Bischoff/TNA

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UPDATE: Several of WWE’s top producers/agents as well as production personnel have been discussing the recent comments Hulk Hogan made about TNA. Many feel that Hogan and Bischoff have been a poison to the company, with some saying that they have crippled TNA. Here is what a top WWE production person had to say about the situation…

“Vince McMahon forgives and forgets, and if he can make a dollar off Hogan in the future, you’ll see the Hulkster back in WWE. But everyone is buzzing at just how Hogan and Bischoff have all but crippled that company, and have done nothing to get it out of the hole Bruce Prichard dug for the company when he was in Dixie’s ear.”

ORIGINAL: During a Q&A in Toronto with Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff over the weekend as part of a Fan Expo event, a fan asked Hogan what could be done to make TNA successful. Hogan said that Bischoff “needed to be given the keys to the car” and that, “somebody somewhere” needed to “drop all the resources we need like we had in the WWE and the WWF, whether it be cameras or money or vehicles or advertising” in order for TNA to work “in a perfect world.”

According to sources, those within TNA are upset about that statement for a number of reasons and there is “nuclear heat” on the two for hinting that the Carter family wasn’t giving TNA the proper resources. The comments are seen as a slap in the face of TNA President Dixie Carter from her top paid talent.

One wrestler said (while asking to be kept anonymous): “Even if you agreed with Hulk, the way it was said and the way it comes across in that video just completely disrespected Dixie, even if that’s not what he meant.”

Another reason they are upset is that Bischoff has been given creative control. From day one, he and Hogan have got their way with direction and ideas, including what talent was brought in, removing the six-sided ring, moving iMPACT! Wrestling to Mondays against RAW, taking TNA on the road and more. TNA agreed to the ideas hoping it would build their company. Basically, the two have gotten nearly everything they’ve asked for. The problem is that the company hasn’t grown since Bischoff and Hogan came on board in any aspect, including live events, ratings or licensing. With that being said, the two are placing the blame on everyone but themselves when it’s actually them who are screwing things up more and more. Let’s be honest though .. do you honestly think Bischoff or Hogan would ever put the blame on themselves? Of course not … they’ll blame the talents, management, Carter’s, etc and that’s exactly what they’re doing right now. That has pissed off a TON of people in the company including management and talent.

The company began touring but didn’t see any increased revenue that they were led to believe they would get. Instead, they had to restructure the company and become an “evil” company that let Jesse Sorensen go, as well as being in a position where money is an issue in re-signing AJ Styles. Again, many of these issues fall on the hands of Bischoff and Hogan.

TNA paid Hogan a good salary and put Bischoff in a position to be the liaison between Spike and TNA, even before Dixie Carter, who built the relationship between the two. The two continue to get rewards for being with the company while others have been fired or been given less money, and the company isn’t doing as well as they thought.

Several people are waiting to see what the interaction between the two and Dixie Carter will be at tonight’s show in Cleveland, the first time Hogan has been at a TNA taping in a month.

The anonymous wrestler added: “Hulk came across like he pretty much said that the company didn’t have anyone strong in charge and Eric was the savior. Well, they’ve been here years and Eric hasn’t saved anyone yet.”

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36 Responses to “Internal WWE Reaction To Hogan/Bischoff/TNA”

  1. tnadude says:

    So WWE does watch TNA then. Cat's out of the bag.

    Not at all surprised.

    • Whatever says:

      How do you think that reading dirt sheets is them saying they watch tna. Besides its already been stated by certain wrestlers and other staff that they keep up with tna. And vice versa with tna watching wwe.

    • Bigmike885 says:

      dude..seriously…any of you who belevied any reports that nobody in WWE watched TNA should be slapped upside the head. I would highly doubt Vince watches (because the man just doesn't have the time) but to think that no one in WWE watched it is stupid. Nobody ever claimed that NOONE in WWE watches.

      • tnadude says:

        Uhh… Did you read the last line of my comment?

        "Not surprised…" should be interpreted as "of course they do"…

        • Bigmike885 says:

          Dude. When's report on here says “wwe watches tna” half you guys treat it as victory.Sent from my iPhone

    • Philly_Cheese says:

      Well yeah… TNA is considered WWE's biggest potential competition in the future. The problem is everyone and their mother knows that HH hasn't done anything for the company. They've made the company spend more and more, made them pay their employees less and less, and what do they have to show for it? They've managed to upset half the wrestlers, and have been spending more than ever with no return.

  2. Mr. Excitement says:

    What a mess those two have been in TNA.

    • TwIsTeD_EnEmY says:

      I honestly don't think Bischoff has done all that much wrong, at least from what i've understood

      • jbcissom says:

        I agree. Bischoff has brought a nice "air" as far as the production side of things go.

        I do find it funny that even the WWE employees say that ole Brucey is a "cancer"… like he's worse than Hogan. Last night's promo with Hogan was just horrendous. TNA needs to cut bait with him.

        Like I said, I'm willing to give Bischoff a chance with creative to see what he can do after this A&8 storyline.

        • Philly_Cheese says:

          I agree as well, Bischoff does know a great deal about production, but I'm not so sure he understands how complex creative has to be now. During the 90s (his highest point), creative didn't need to be nearly as good at their job as they do now. Everyone since the 90s have gotten used to more high quality stories in movies and tv shows, after all you see some of the biggest shows on tv that are basically weekly movies (stuff like the walking dead). People want higher quality and more depth, and idk if Bischoff can offer that. HH on the other hand knows the business as it was in the 90s, he doesn't any more.

  3. nwoforlife says:

    the fans still love hogan you can see it they go wild when he goes to the ring and as for wwe and there comments it nothing more then them trying to stir the pot they would love nothing more for hogan to leave tna so they can scoop him up and make more million off hogan

    • jbcissom says:

      They're the only ones who can make money off of Hogan. Hell, Hogan can't make money off of himself. He doesn't draw anymore… not even his tell-all stories. People need to realize, the WWE is a well-oiled machine in that the brand is first. Hogan, Austin, HHH, Undertaker, the Rock, Cena, Orton… they can make money for the WWE, but none of them can do the same thing in TNA or RoH.

      • godoftna says:

        I gotta disagree in one aspect. I'm sure that the Rock could make money no matter where he went. If the Rock were to show up on IMPACT and do an extended run it'd have people talking and tuning in on a weekly basis. Now it'll never happen, but just the same. If Hogan were still in his prime, or at least still capable of performing in the ring, then he might do at least some good for the company. As it is, people are worn out by his shtick. That's not to say the fans, at least some anyways, don't still love the Hulkster, but it's not going to boost the company one little bit. Vince could market him and turn a few bucks, but that's because Vince would keep him on a short leash. If someone in TNA had stronger control on him, then they might be able to do more with him. As it is, no one has that control or any idea of how to get it. Dixie could, but I think she's still to enamored by the Hogan mystique. Hopefully she'll get wise before it's too late.

        • jbcissom says:

          I get what you're saying about the Rock. But I seriously doubt he's in it for the "wrestling" anymore. He's in it for the payday. Because when he has movie/tv offers, they take precedence.

          • godoftna says:

            Oh I totally agree. If Rock comes back just for the wrestling, it'd be in the E as he's a Vince guy. Were Dixie to throw enough money his way tho, I'm sure he'd think long and hard about it. Not saying it'd even happen then, but one never knows.

        • jbcissom says:

          And about Hogan… Even I'm saying TNA needs to cut bait now. Save face.

  4. kevinroulette says:

    Did u see all the Hogan fans last night on impact . I think tna has been better with Eric on production etc . Plus hulk does good in gm roll

    • jbcissom says:

      That promo was horrible. Unless he's under the WWE banner, Hogan just doesn't draw by himself anymore. Times have changed.

    • godoftna says:

      Eric's been on production for 4 years, and while I agree that he's helped a bit, I can't say he's been a huge difference maker. For Eric, TNA is a part time gig as he and buddy Jason Hervey have multiple other projects going. TNA needs someone who can provide full time attention to the product. As for Hogan, a 2×4 with a smiley face could make a better GM on IMPACT, and probably deliver better catch phrases too.

    • Bigmike885 says:

      Is Hogan worth the money he's paid to walk out in the last 5 minutes of a show and talk? NOPE.

    • IHNSAIN says:

      gm roll has to go or jeff jerrit takes over gm as founder rather than gm gm roll is dead and done and not rely needed jst a head figure for direction doesent even have to be seen jst known to be there and hoogan has to go

  5. RavenNevermore says:

    I think if TNA had someone the internet loves instead of Hogan and TNA was doing the same things that they are doing now. Well the internet fan base would think TNA is awesome. Sad but true. Its a hate of Hogan because they love hearing people complain and shoot and people well hasbeens usually hate on Hogan. Jealousy. And this comes from.a guy who was sick of him in the 80s. You could not find a Hogan hater as big as I was being a Hogan hater. But now I see nothing wrong with him. He does not write the matches. He gets a giant pop. Haters need to shut up. Tna is awesome!

    • John says:

      What exactly is awesome about TNA. You have an A&8’s story that has gone on about a year too long, the BFG series was a joke this year, you have talents like Joe, Styles, Daniels and Aries who should be the main. Event picture all just being bored and going through the motions. In 2005-06 there was no bigger TNA fan then me because they were a real alternative to WWE. Now the E is actually much closer to that TNA I loved. It’s time to get rid of Hogan, Bischoff, Angle, Anderson, Hardy and all the other has-beens or never weres. And go back to being about young talent and basic simple stories.

      Scott D’Amore was the only man able to make this mess ever be coherent.

  6. jp says:

    But he’s heavily involved in creative and he constantly is ending the show, when he shouldn’t be. He wants the spotlight. That’s the problem. He’d screw someone else to get it. I agree with what you all say about EB, he may have actually helped since he’s been there.

    Anyone notice how Sting is getting a title shot, just mere weeks after losing to bully with the stipulation being he never gets another title shot?

    • jbcissom says:

      I think that is why people are saying Hogan was drunk. Sting didn't get a title shot. That match is a non-title match. But when I heard HH say that (and I'm probably the biggest Sting fan), I was like wtf?!!

  7. 1Risky1 says:

    in a way there right about resources, if the Carter family is giving TNA the proper resources and Spike they need better promotion like putting commercials of TNA during Raw and Smackdown

    • jbcissom says:

      I somewhat disagree with you. They don't need to advertise on WWEtv. They need to advertise on A&E during Duck Dynasty… shows where their key demographics overlap but are on different nights on tv.

      • godoftna says:

        Agreed. Promoting during RAW or Smackdown would draw maybe a few casual fans over for a peek, but it wouldn't be a huge difference maker. TNA needs to advertise on A&E, Comedy Central, MTV, Cartoon Network (during it's Adult Swim block), History, AMC. All the channels that have strong viewership and hit shows. How many people watch 'Breaking Bad' or 'Duck Dynasty', or 'The Walking Dead'? Advertise enough and people will start tuning in. One other idea would be to run commercials during shows where their talents make appearances. Christopher Daniels was apparently on 'Big Brother' I heard? Run an ad for IMPACT during 'Big Brother'. Rampage and Ortiz were on ESPN earlier this week(or was it last week?) Run an ad for IMPACT. Hell, ask these guys to wear TNA IMPACT t-shirts during these appearances. It's called product placement. If people are watching ESPN who don't know what TNA is and see Rampage Jackson wearing a TNA IMPACT t-shirt, they might just google it to find out, and then tune in to watch. Millions of ways that TNA could better market themselves and yet they don't seem to get that.

  8. 1Risky1 says:

    will they should advertise even on regular tv like fox, cw and spanish channels

  9. Evan Penn says:

    it’s funny after Bischoff and Hogan made those comments that someone from wwe would want to comment. IMO if Bischoff had the opportunity to do everything he wanted then i believe things would be completely different. TNA needs new talent to compete with AJ, Roode, Joe, and company because TNA has basically had the same Talent for eleven years its not to much more they can do without repeating the same fueds over and over.

  10. whatsup121 says:

    it's funny that this site posted on the WWE and how they felt about what Hogan did to TNA
    the WWE was probably thinking thank goodness that wasn't us

    • Bigmike885 says:

      I doubt that..The BIG difference between TNA and WWE is in WWE one person is in control (vince..slowly handing over to HHH, but still one person is in charge) Hogan never would have the ability to do anything like this there…hed have to follow the flow of the show and if he didn't hed go away..

  11. hangers says:

    This is what Ive been saying from day one, these guys are poison and have pushed TNA backwards rather than forwards…

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