Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jul 4, 2013
Is Madison Rayne Returning To TNA?, Hendrix Note

Is Madison Rayne Returning To TNA?, Hendrix Note

— TNA Knockout Madison Rayne, whose contract expired this week, has been tweeting recently about how she will be back in TNA in the future, likely after she gives birth to her baby.

— As noted previously, Taeler Hendrix asked to be released from her TNA contract. Apparently she was offered the same deal she had been working under previously and chose to let it expire.

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  1. TwIsTeD_EnEmY says:

    I liked TNA having a large roster. The idea of seeing the same wrestlers on tv over and over again bores me.
    Maybe (however unlikely) this budget cut will open up opportunities for more wrestlers to come in (the Briscoes? Low Ki ?)

    • godoftna says:

      I'd love to see the Briscoes debut in TNA as they would be a great addition to the tag team ranks. Also, the contracts of Davey Richards AND Eddie Edwards are set to expire soon, and both would also be very welcome additions to TNA either as singles or tag team competitors. Low Ki has said he is retiring unless he recieves a ful time offer from a major promotion, but I don't see him getting the time he wants as a member of the TNA roster. The ROH guys could really make an IMPACT if booked right. Possibly as a "Raven's Flock" type invasion group or as a new incarnation of Fortune. Like I stated yesterday with the "cuts" that TNA was making, it'd make long term sense for TNA to cut their big budget performers(Hogan, Sting, Hardy, etc.), and make the "Originals" the focus of the show again. Bringing in "new" blood like these four could really help get things going in a new direction.

      • jbcissom says:

        One huge problem with your scenario got… getting rid of HH, Sting, and Hardy takes away about 75% of TNA's drawing power. Because when those three leave, Kurt Angle is gone, and you can bank on that. People need to remember, this isn't just wrestling, but it's a business. I like Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Kaz, Daniels, Roode, Storm, and AA … but I didn't witness them until I tuned into TNA because of Sting.

        • godoftna says:

          I've heard this argument before, but I really don't believe it. If you take a look back at TNA 4 years ago, TNA was drawing higher ratings than they currently are, and that was before Hogan, Hardy, and RVD debuted. While Angle was still there, Sting had "retired"(or was taking a leave of abscense to decide his future), and the lead guys in TNA were Styles, Beer Money, MCMG, British Invasion, and Matt Morgan. Angle was facing Styles in a great series of matches for the world title, and then would go on to face Desmond Wolfe in what is one of the greatest technical fueds in TNA history. Hogan drew a big rating on the ***ht he debuted as people were curious as to what was going to happen, but over the next few weeks and months, many fans turned off from TNA. Whether it was the ill fated move to monday ***hts, the debuts of Hogan's "buddies", or just poor storyline planning, TNA slipped down a hole that it took nearly two years to climb out of. Since then, TNA has made little to no progress when it comes to bringing in new fans. The argument that Hogan and the rest are what draws is layed bare as a poor reason for keeping them around. I don't really believe that Angle would quit if Hogan and Hardy were released. Dixie Carter has been very good to him over the years and I'm sure he wouldn't forget that. If he was asked to completely step aside and job out to everyone, then yes, I could see him leaving TNA, but I don't see that happening. Sting appears set to jump to the WWE if rumors are to be believed, and based on a recent interview he did where he stated that it felt like TNA was trying to "put him out to pasture" when he was inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame, and the fact that he can no longer compete for the TNA world title leads me to believe that there may be some to this rumor. Guess we'll have to wait and see.

          The facts are that guys like Hogan, Sting, Hardy, or even Angle aren't going to be there forever. Hell, if Hogan were offered the right deal, I'm sure he'd go running back to Vince with open arms and a mile wide smile. As I've said before, it's in TNA's best interests LONG TERM to part ways with many of these guys now. If TNA continues to anchor themselves to theses talents simply because of the name recognition, then they doom themselves to the same mistakes that WCW made. WCW failed to promote new talents to the main event scene because it believed that the answer to all their problems lay with Hogan and the rest. In the end, though they finally did make the move to use fresher faces, it was far to late. Should TNA part ways with Hogan and the rest, then perhaps they will take a hit when it comes to attendance #s or drawing power. But perhaps not. TNA took a risk by taking IMPACT on the road and airing it "live" each week(or every other week as it were), and it was a risk worth taking. Letting guys like Hogan, Hardy, and Sting go very well could be another big risk that, again, in the long term may very well be worth taking.

          • jbcissom says:

            You're missing the point. 4 years ago, TNA was tucked away in a crib (the Impact! Zone) and didn't have nowhere near the costs they have now. They're trying to take it on the road and make it, and in order to do that, you have to have drawing power. Like I said, I'm a fan of the originals and guys like AA, but the lay-fan isn't going to go see those guys. They're going to go see a Sting, a HH, a Hardy, or an Angle. I get what you're saying. TNA needs to build younger stars (see Magnus).

            And about the rumors, don't forget, only a matter of a couple of weeks before these rumors started about Sting, they were about Kurt Angle.

          • godoftna says:

            No, I do understand the points you're making. I realize that TNA feels that they need these guys to help draw in fans, and to an extent, they do. The point I'm making is that the costs are far outseeding the gains. Hogan is an on screen GM who provides helpful advive to the guys and girls in the locker room. Al Snow or Dlo Brown could do the same job at far less pay. TNA pays Hogan for his name only, and his name doesn't carry the weight it once did. This isn't the mid 90's any more where Hulkamania is still fresh in the minds of many of the kids and young adults. It's nostalgia, and TNA has no chance of surviving on nostalgia. They need to stream line the product, cut the fat, and find a winning formula that will truly capture AND hold the fans attention. The people who mainly watch TNA are the die hard fans with a few people who are curious to see the stars of the past sprinkled in here and there. Those curious on lookers though aren't always like you or I. Like you, I started watching TNA because I heard that Sting was wrestling for them. I've stayed because I've invested myself in the AJ Styles, Austin Aries, Roodes, Storms, and the rest. Can all the fans who come to see the stars of their past say the same? Maybe I'm wrong, but I doubt it. I'm a fan of the New York Yankees, and Robinson Cano is currently my favorite player(followed closely by Derek Jeter). Now, should either of those players leave the Yankees, while I may check on how they are doing from time to time, I'm going to continue to root for and watch the Yankees because I'm a fan OF the New York Yankees and those who play for them. Now, as I said, I'm a Sting fan, but should he leave, I'm still going to watch TNA. If Hogan, Sting, or Hardy leave TNA, would you stop watching? The fans who remain true to TNA regardless of who performs there are the base that TNA needs to build off of. Find out why they watch, who they watch, and what they'd like to see. If TNA continues to feel that they can't survive without the like of a Hogan or Sting or Hardy, then they doom themselves to failure. Back in the early to mid 90's, Vince McMahon took a chance that his company could not only survive, but also thrive without Hulkamania or many of it's other big name stars. It nearly bankrupted him if the stories are to be believed, but he succeeded. He's now a certified billionaire who can buy a Hogan or Flair and bring them in on a whim just because. TNA needs to take the chance that they can once again survive without the high price tag names and thrive. As I continue to say, it's a risk that very well could be worth taking for TNA's long term success.

          • jbcissom says:

            I get what you're saying. My thing is, TNA could survive if they could find a semi-permanent home. Had they stayed in the Impact! Zone, TNA wouldn't need HH, Sting, Hardy, or Angle. They could have done the slower build with what we call the originals. You have to remember, when Vince lost Flair, Hogan, and Macho Man, WWE wasn't on the road every week broadcasting Raw. Didn't they always air the real-early episodes of Raw from the Hammerstein Ballroom? I know they did a lot of shows there in their early days.

            Also, here is another thing. King Mo and Rampage Jackson signed deals with Bellator, TNA, and SpikeTV. So we really don't know how much TNA is shouldering with those two. Also, it is unknown if Spike is shouldering Sting and Hogan's salaries (we know that Spike has shouldered Sting's salary in the past).

            But to address the huge elephant in the room, that will always be in the room, wrestling as a whole is dying. And it doesn't help when the "real" fans can't go support their favorites because of the economic situation are country and world is in. Wrestling has become a niche. Based on the recent numbers put out there, basically the states of Alabama, Mississippi, and half of Louisiana are the only people watching wrestling out of all 50 states. And I feel like I'm being generous with a 10% estimate of that population being torrent users. Even the mighty WWE is dwindling compared to a year ago.

          • godoftna says:

            While RAW did do many shows from the Hammerstien Ballroom back then, it was ECW that made it's home there. When ECW went on the road with their shows is when they died out as WCW and the WWF had raided all it's best talents.

            I agree with you that pro wrestling as a whole is in the midst of some dark days. It's no where what it was back in the late 90's/early 2000's, or even the mid to late 80's. Part of that can be blamed on the economy, while another part of that can be placed at the feet of Vince McMahon. McMahon spent years telling everyone else that all the other wrestling promotions were inferior to his product, and therefore, no good. As time went by and the others either closed down or were bought outright by Vince himself, the fans bought into his gospel more and more. When he bought out WCW, the majority of it's fans switched off of pro wrestling and haven't been back since. Some, like you and I, tuned into TNA to see guys like Sting perform, but the majority didn't and haven't. TNA is going to need time to build its brand. That's going to mean marketing and advertising heavily where ever and when ever they can, which means they need to focus resources towards that end. TNA could keep Hogan, but he needs to start showing his worth on the contract he recieves. While Spike helped TNA with Sting's contract, TNA foots the majority of the bill(or at least Panda Energy does, which is the parent company of TNA). In the end, lost money is lost money. TNA needs to consider the best possible solutions to once again begin turning a solid profit. Along with doing as I've suggested, they could also study their fan demographics and see where they draw best. They've had a lot of success in Brooklyn, so they should do a lot of shows from there. Chicago has also been a popular place for them, so do shows there. While TNA should travel all across the US for it's road tours, it should do it's tv shows in the cities where it draws best. At the same time, it should begin heavily marketing on both tv(besides solely on Spike), and also in the areas that they struggle in in an effort to draw new fans. Meanwhile, TNA needs to throw out the book on pro wrestling scripts and come up with something new. The old model that Hogan preaches doesn't translate as well to todays fans. Perhaps TNA should even go back to what made it successful and fresh in the past. That is, heavily promote the X division, go back to the 6 sided ring, and push great, quality 5 star matches that hold the fans interests. If they continue to bank on the "drama" approach, then they will continue to struggle. They need to be different in what they do as a product, or many of todays fans(not the die hards) will continue to look on them as "WWE light".

          • jbcissom says:

            I'm not going to start blaming VKM, because there is virtually no end in sight.

            But to the latter part of what you said, last night's main event was put together really well, IMO. When I read the spoilers of AA losing to Sabin, I was like WTF! And then I watched last night… and man… I really enjoyed that match. Here's the thing, Sabin is terrible on the mic. Keep the mic away from him… give it to AA or someone else. But that match… pure, solid gold. I loved the tension between AA and Sting. I loved how AA and Sabin sold the moves. I loved, really loved, the finish of the match. That's how TNA builds long-term success in the ring. Now, someone needs to work with Sabin on his mic skills.

  2. andy3323 says:

    So, in other words, all of that 'budget cut' and comments from the bridge-jumpers on here was unfounded.

    Madison Rayne is having a baby and is simply not under contract right now….,makes perfect sense.

    Hendrix, rarely used, let her deal expire on her own accord.

    York, while I liked him I distinctly recall some folks (same bridge jumpers) complaining about him being used and said he was older, etc. He wasn't used a lot and so why keep paying him a guranteed deal.

    Crimson, another I hated to see go, seems like there is a lot of potential but he also had to go through OVW to train and maybe just wasn't panning out. He had to look but maybe didn't have the attitude or ability needed, we don't always know what goes on behind the scenes outside of speculation and rumors.

    Joey Ryan, lets face it……who here really thought he was good in the ring? Outside of being a decent gimmick and above average mic skills, what did he bring to the table?

  3. hangers says:

    Same deal which is to get paid peanuts whilst sitting on the sidelines having to watch Mickie James and Tara wrestle for the 54th time..

    • andy3323 says:

      They may have wrestled once in the last few months. I don't know about you, but I have no problem with Mickie James being on-air and wrestling. I wasn't blown away the few times we saw Hendrix. Madison Rayne is out only due to the pregnancy, otherwise she'd be competing for the knockouts title.

      • hangers says:

        I wasnt blown,away the first second or third time I saw Terrell and yet now she and Gail are tearing thingsup. Hendrix never got a chance and shes obviously ambitious as she wasnt happy to just stick around…

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