Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jul 24, 2013
Is SpikeTV Happy With The TNA iMPACT! Ratings?

Is SpikeTV Happy With The TNA iMPACT! Ratings?

Several top executives at Spike TV were at last week’s iMPACT! taping and were said to be very happy about TNA’s ratings as they currently stand because they help the network’s overall primetime average.

The company was particularly happy with the quarter hour rating for Sabin vs. Bully Ray on Impact, reasoning that Bully Ray is working well as a heel and Sabin’s story is connecting with viewers.

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20 Responses to “Is SpikeTV Happy With The TNA iMPACT! Ratings?”

  1. Mr. Excitement says:

    I wouldn't be happy. Considering the rating has stayed in the same range for years. No progress is being made.

    • soyfenomenal says:

      Staying the same is better than decreasing.

      • whatever says:

        No it’s not. If you don’t strive to get better want to get better or care about wanting to get better, then what’s the point of continuing.

        • TheMiwyun says:

          yes it is dumb dumbs. if they signed goldberg then imagine what the ratings would do… they#d go bigger like my dick when i see the bastard walking down the aisle breathing in that fireworks smoke. RARRRR! RARRRR! said goldberg

          • Get_Carter says:

            Go away.

          • whatever says:

            Somebody’s over compensating for something and also must be gay for thinking about steroid-berg to get a hard on. Listen to what you said and then re-read what I responded to dumbass. He said saying staying the same is better than decreasing and you’re talking about signing someone you want to poke in the ass with your pencil. 2 totally different topics jackass.

        • steidman says:

          if that was the case, then USA would be dropping Raw in a heart beat since there ratings have been significantly lower than previous years

  2. tsoutheast says:

    Kets see if they can keep that number and grow it.

    • Dante_Cross says:

      No, I looked at some ratings on gawker and even though TNA can pull off a high impact, for some reason, it doesn't stick into the next week. An example is the show that I saw had garnered 1.64 million viewers and the next show was about 1.32 more or less, but I do know that over 300+ thousand viewers were gone from the previous week, which could be the case here.

  3. RavenNevermore says:

    Considering how people are narrow minded to watch wwe over tna. I would be happy as well. Cable as a whole does not get giant ratings unless its NFL or NBA or the world series and a handful of shows. Tna got better ratings then UFC when it was on spike tv.

    • whatever says:

      Wwe got better ratings than tna when they were on spike. Way better ratings. Tna had a hard time getting a better rating then wwe’s version of ECW 1 hour show and tna had a 2 hour show

      • Dennis D says:

        Why don’t you go ahead and check the date of when WWE was on Spike TV? How about when it was still TNN? WWE doesn’t even pull in the same ratings NOW as it did back THEN. Wrestling is in a down period. Why else do you think WWE is trying to bring older guys back? I heard they just brought RVD back, they’ve brought the Rock in, Brock Lesnar, Y2J. Yeah, they’re trying to raise their own ratings to get back to their glory days before Vince destroyed wrestling in general.


        “Sweep off your own back porch before complaining about ours”

        *Southern translation* quit being a troll and go pray to your Vince McMahon poster

        • whatever says:

          Wow now you can see why inbreeding family’s from the south make the rest of the world laugh. Just listen to yourself.

      • steidman says:

        What is your point? Maybe you try comparing TNA network ratings as whole when WWE was on Spike and now. Maybe you should also compare that WWE is not getting the same ratings now that it was getting 10 years ago. Maybe you should considered that wrestling, as a whole, is not a popular as it was in the late 90's early 2000's.

  4. Get_Carter says:

    At this point who knows what it's going to take? Not even bringing in Hulk Hogan can get the ratings to the next level. I am a huge supporter of the TNA product but i'm not sure if it's Spike TV, advertising, the wrestling or something else.

  5. TwIsTeD_EnEmY says:

    Of course they are. Its their second-highest rated show on their channel.

  6. JoeWrestling says:

    Of course they are thrilled with the ratings. I'm sure after seeing their Bellator ratings (505,000 viewers for Fight Master, down 25% this week), they have some respect for TNA being able to draw a consistent audience as a secondary brand product. Imagine how much cash is being laid out for Bellator and paying all those Fight Masters.. it's probably a fortune, and won't pay off. But I doubt message boards full of people sit around writing about how Bellator is wasting money. Viacom paid $40-50 million for Bellator, and have about $5 billion in cash. I don't think they really are that concerned with paying for Impact. If anything Spike is probably thrilled that TNA has shouldered the start up costs for this wrestling company, and is glad to pay the operating costs per episode.

  7. whatsup121 says:

    Of course Spike is happy with the numbers

    Basically every week they give or take

    1 million people not watching shows on they’re

    Competitions network especially during

    The regular tv season

  8. jbcissom says:

    I'm only saying this about myself… I loved the Bully-Sabin match, not because I connected with Sabin's story, but because Bully is a f'n awesome heel.

  9. JoshuaTNA says:

    Remember the days when UFC was on Spike and they were only hitting 0.9's. ? Now there being promoted by FOX and have live fights which always draws stellar ratings. Ever since then UFC became a household name. TNA Should take that into consideration when their next contract expires.

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