Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Mar 28, 2013
Is Sting Backstage At Tonight’s TNA iMPACT! Tapings?

Is Sting Backstage At Tonight’s TNA iMPACT! Tapings?

Sting issued the following tweet on Thursday:

Been quiet for too long. @HulkHogan has not wanted to see me. He will listen to me tonight. #ImpactLIVE

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3 Responses to “Is Sting Backstage At Tonight’s TNA iMPACT! Tapings?”

  1. tsoutheast says:

    STING needs to take a back seat. He hogs to much tV TIME,AND HE CAN'T WRESTLE ANYMORE.

    • Firestormdzl says:

      Of course he can't fly like AJ Styles, Austin Aries or Kenny King but that doesn't mean he can't wrestle. Having a legend pushing you up is better than trying to make a name by yourself. Thanks to Ric Flair, Sting became a big star. Thanks to Sting and Kurt Angle, AJ Styles became one of the biggest name in iMPACT back in 2004-2009

    • DarkNexxus says:

      Not really. I don't think he's been in a match since lockdown, and these skits with Hogan take about five minutes per week. So give Sting a break. I believe he's trying to get over some of the younger talent, not steal the spotlight. Don't you wish all the older wrestlers did that?

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