Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on May 13, 2014
Is TNA Considering A Jump To Another Network?

Is TNA Considering A Jump To Another Network?

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As you likely know, TNA’s contract with SpikeTV is up later this year and there has been some reported concern internally over the fact that the company hasn’t re-signed with the network. The company is in a state of “continuous negotiations” right now. Since the company signed with United Talent Agency earlier this year, UTA has been negotiating for the company and are shopping the show around to other networks before just jumping right into a new contract.

WWE at one point had been in talks with Spike, but indications at this point seem to point toward a re-up with NBC/Universal. We’ll likely have a clearer picture on the situation by the end of the week.

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12 Responses to “Is TNA Considering A Jump To Another Network?”

  1. TNA original says:

    TNA should consider to become an european federation first then american, im not kidding ,80% european wrestling fans watch both mainstream usa companies ;more tour in all europe,more money from european tvs.I was told in the past stamford wanted to do a federation only for european market (i mean touring non stop in all europe) TNA should "simply" become european first then selling all over the world

    • Mr_Wrestling_IV says:

      I must say that watching Impact from the UK was so much better due to the crowds. Almost felt like I was watching Nitro. Take Impact to Germany, India and Australia in addition to U.S. cities like NY, Chicago & others. I can almost guarantee a "spike" in the ratings.

      • TNArocks says:

        While I would love to see Impact in Australia I doubt it would happen unless there is a dramatic change in popularity and better TV coverage in this country. The best we could hope for atm would be a once a year show as part of the Maximum Impact tour.

      • TNA original says:

        U r right sir,I can almost guarantee France and Italy are other two available great crowds .TNA should ocnsider to live in europe for at least 3 consecutive months per year then switching back to Us in a new noisy arena

      • TNA original says:

        while i was writing that consideration i immediately thought about Hardy not available and he 's n. 1 selling merch ,so it's unrealistic from that pov

    • Peckar says:

      I said that years ago. My guess is, it would cost a shitload of money and they would have been in a better position to do so years ago. Now that doesn't even look like an option.

    • hamzy_ji says:

      I believe you are correct. But the cost of flying talent, staff, equipment etc.. would be through the roof.

      • TNA original says:

        It should be a radical change,but it would turn upside down the entire european market im sure about it,They should live in europe for at least 3 consecutive months .maybe introducing some other european wrestlers so they could make go home for some weeks some usa wrestlers.but at the end of the day while i was writing this consideration i immediately thought about Hardy not available and he 's n. 1 selling merch ,so it's unrealistic even from this pov

  2. Blood_Runs_Cold says:

    They go over seas a lot.

  3. goonpoh says:

    Spike tv does not seem to promote TNA enough. So if they can get a sweet deal with more than one show I would take it if I was them. Face it every company that wants to stem out and be noticed need more than one show.

  4. Beezy_Does_It says:

    TNA should have been shopping Impact to another network. They should have signed with that talent agency a long time ago. This whole being worried about Spike not resigning them shouldnt even be a problem. If they would have gotten Xplosion on another network before all of this, they would already have another relationship with another network.

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