Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Apr 2, 2014
James Storm To Appear On Sarah Palin’s New Show

James Storm To Appear On Sarah Palin’s New Show

James Storm will appear on the first episode of Sarah Palin’s new series Amazing America, which airs tomorrow at 8 PM on The Sportsman Channel.

Here’s a synopsis: “Professional wrestler Cowboy James Storm brings us on a tour of his Nashville ranch, and shows off a few moves on our host, Jerry Carroll. True to his name, ‘Cowboy’ James Storm is in fact a cowboy, he loves riding on his ranch. Also and avid hunter, James hunts white tailed deer and wild turkey on his land. He will show us his collection of guns, including his first gun he received from his stepfather, and tell some great stories behind the firearms.”

Here is a video preview for the show:

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8 Responses to “James Storm To Appear On Sarah Palin’s New Show”

  1. Tiffanydude says:

    lol On Impact Storm's music plays and Storm comes out with Palin as his manager xD Sad thing is the WWE marks would say TNA copied WWE again by using Palin as Zeb Colter -.-

    • Pippin says:

      It wouldn't be the first time TNA has had "Sarah Palin" as a manager! I miss Daffney, she's awesome.

      • Tiffanydude says:

        Ohhhh I wasn't even referencing that I didn't watch TNA during all that, I miss Daffney too 🙁

        • Pippin says:

          Not sure why you've been down voted old chap,but yeah back then The Beautiful People brought in "Sarah Palin" (played surprisingly well by Daffney) after "Palin" asked to join them. Everybody else in the storyline was aware it wasn't really Palin as in actuality Daffney had been brought in to trick & humiliate the Beautiful People. They got their revenge on Daffney by attacking her and cutting her hair which turned her insane (back into the Daffney we all know and love….and miss)

  2. TheMiwyun says:

    who cares about wwe anyways. Its fucking shit tbh. I wouldnt even watch it if i was 10

  3. Pippin says:

    So I'll actually be able to watch Storm on TV and not see him job for once!? Huzzah!!

  4. Ozzfactordro says:

    Oh good grief… Anyone who associates with Sarah Palin is dead to me. Sorry Cowboy, you’ve been taken down a peg or two in my book.

    • Roid Master says:

      It's exposure for himself and the company. A lot of 'Muricans probably watch her show. 'Muricans also have a reputation for watching pro-wrestling. You do the math.

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