Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Nov 12, 2012
Jeff Hardy Reveals His Current TNA Contract Status

Jeff Hardy Reveals His Current TNA Contract Status

Jeff Hardy spoke today with Dave Lagreca and Doug Mortman on Busted Open Radio and discussed his ladder match at Turning Point, his contract status and more. Check out the highlights:

On what he thought of the ladder match: “Before last night, I went back to watch some of the TLC matches and myself and the Undertaker and there is a lot for me to live up to in those matches. But I haven’t seen it back because I got knocked silly numerous times. So once I see it back, I’ll have a better idea of my opinion.”

On his contract status: “In January when that rolls around, I’ll make a decision. I’ve pretty much made that decision. The music is going to be a huge part of it as far as keeping me around. We haven’t signed anything yet, but we are getting close.”

On James Storm as the number one contender: “I forget where it was, but we wrestled at a live event and it wasn’t too long ago, I think it was before Bound For Glory and we had a crazy good match. It’s babyface vs babyface, but we have different styles, but its going to be great for sure. A lot more technical, probably throw some extreme touch in there, but you never know with James what’s going to happen.”

On whether he’s still excited to be wrestling: “Of course!! It is my evolution. I will ease out of wrestling and into my next step which is going to be music and maybe eventually balance both. But yeah it’s just fun to have them support me like they are, even with my paintings and we’re talking about this website. There is a lot of exciting things that are in the works. It’s probably going to keep me around, and I’m just taking it slow. Right now I am the world champion, so I’ve got a lot to focus on and we keep recording new songs. It’s just getting more exciting. The future has a lot to offer.”

On whether he will change his wrestling style: “I’m going to change it big time when I leave and I come back as Willow the Wisp one of these days. My vision of this character is just an extension of myself. It will be basically from the imagination of Jeff Hardy. Willow the Wisp instead of painting my face, he’ll just be wearing a mask. In a world that makes no sense, back in the Omega days it was so fun to be him and I never worried about making sense. I was in my own little world under that mask. At 36 years old, if I can do something like that it’s going to be a blast. It’s going to be a huge change of style for me.”

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17 Responses to “Jeff Hardy Reveals His Current TNA Contract Status”

  1. Kyle says:

    Soooooooo…..TNA diminishes the value of their World Title to currently being a contract renewal tool, and they don’t know if the guy they gave the title to is even going to be there past January….makes sense, and sounds like a TNA move.

    • yungnatureboy says:

      stop haten wwe do the same shit they let send and who ever else design titles like the spinner belt so dont act like tna is all bad when they do it if u dont like it turn it off and stop crying and being a bitch about it..

      • Kyle says:

        Wow, very mature response. I was at no point talking about what WWE, and I don’t compare the two. I don’t care what company it is, it’s a bad move, and to be factual WWE doesn’t do that without an agreement these days, Vince learned his lesson in the 90’s. I still follow WWE, but enjoy TNA. Moves like this diminish their credibility, and lessen the value of their top title. You want to keep Hardy, fine, but don’t end a great short run with Aries bcuz you want Hardy so bad. If the guy truly wants to be there, he’ll resign. If not, what sense does it make to favor a guy who truly doesn’t want to be there?

  2. Stunner says:

    All I have to say is Austin Aries!

  3. Firestormdzl says:

    Changing like that reminds me of Sting back when he was this colorful blonde hair character. He said in his interview that he needed to change his character because people do get bored when they watch the same old thing over and over again. He returned as a Black & White Crow character and that was a huge success. Last year, Sting came with a Joker type character which didn't work out well at first but later on, in my opinion, it was awesome.

    Therefore, I'm really not sure if it's going to work out well for Jeff, but to me, it's worth of trying. It could be awesome. No one knows for sure

  4. DJBIGCG says:

    Like I've said before, I'm pretty sure the only reason tna is giving jeff hardy the heavy weight belt is so he does not go to wwe but stay in tna

    • WARISNAUGHTY says:

      Like CM Punk so he didn't leave you mean?

      • rawuncutnxrated says:

        Don't remember Punk going out drunk & loaded on drugs many times, including a PPV where he botched a one minute main event match. Yea, the comparisons are exactly the same.

        • WARISNAUGHTY says:

          See this is why I don't like the internet. People who know very little of business and thus justify opinion in some anecdotal self righteous way. Yes he did do that. What company allows someone to go out like that? If someone where I work came into do his job in a state he would be sent home. I don't see how or why you are arguing that giving someone a title run who makes more money for the company than most is in any way a bad thing. You are also using a strawman argument as I don't recall ever saying the rhetoric about drugs. I merely drew a comparison between two companies who put the title on a guy as to give them an incentive to stay. However I am sure this won't stop you feeling smug so by all means continue.

          • rawuncutnxrated says:

            No worries, I will continue to feel smug.

            You speak of knowing very little of business. What Jeff Hardy did was damage the TNA brand. There are fans who will never come back to TNA based on them sending a drunk/drugged Hardy to the ring and allowing him to perform when they had at least 3 hours prior notice to his condition.

            Now they want to make this guy their "hood ornament" and it continues to send a bad message to fans and their locker room. Just because the guy moves a lot of merch doesn't mean his past sins should be absolved and forgotten. They wanted to pander to the a man who should be thankful he has a job.

            I have no doubt that WWE would pay him, they may make him a champ, they certainly would start him off in a couple high level programs but in the end it was done to TNA, not WWE. He has his strikes with WWE as well. I don't like seeing the wrong kind of people rewarded, it sends the wrong message to everyone.

          • WARISNAUGHTY says:

            I speak as a Business graduate who works in a Marketing Department. See if you are going to make any kind of assertion be sure there is at least something to back it up. TNA suffered by a statistical negligible amount during that period. Ratings are currently averaging what they were for yearly averages at this current time. You could argue that 'putting the belt on him isn't the answer' which would have been a much better point. Hood ornament? He isn't the focal point of the show at the moment, more is being placed on the contenders rather than champion at the moment. I'm not entirely certain what you are trying to argue, I made a simple observation that they put the title on him as more reason to stay like CM Punk. If you think he should not have the title or not be with the company great, but this isn't the conversation of which we are having. I hate to sound like a 'mark', mainly because that term makes me feel quite sickly but has Hardy worked well and got his stuff together since the incident? Yes. Will it open new storylines having a face with the title? Yes. There really wasn't any need responding to my comment, it was a clear comparison. Just calm down for the love of god!

  5. Peckar says:

    Can't say I am pumped for a Hardy/Storm title match. Although they have both had great matches in the last couple of months, I don't think either is going to be very entertaining leading to the fight. Hardy will go on about his creatures. Storm will say he is going to put his cowboy boot up his ass…Aries should be holding the title. Easily the most entertaining, in and out of the ring.

    • Pipboy86 says:

      It is kind of sad that the most boring thing in TNA right now is the World Heavyweight Championship. It was the same during Immortal and now that Hardy is champion once again under completely different circumstances. It wasn't boring when Aries was the champion and Hardy was chasing him, nor when Roode was the Champion and Aries was chasing him. The common theme of course is Jeff Hardy. Jeff Hardy is just there. He is obviously perpetually popular with his "creatures of the night", he is obviously a big merchandise seller, but beyond that, he always falls flat in TNA.

  6. annil8or4321 says:

    aries should definately still have the belt, from what i understand he hasnt even been in tna that long and hes already pretty f n popular, i enjoy his whole shtick the whole time hes on i gotta watch

  7. Real Deal Heel says:

    Hardy is fine in TNA and will continue in TNA…WWE doesn't hire known drug addicts…then again their shows just flat out suck.

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