Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jan 31, 2013
Jeff Hardy Speaks Out – TNA vs. WWE, Ring Style, Future

Jeff Hardy Speaks Out – TNA vs. WWE, Ring Style, Future


Jeff Hardy recently spoke about his physical condition, comparing TNA and WWE and much more. Here are the highlights…

On Toning Down His In Ring Style: “I can’t tell you how many times I heard, ‘Man, you don’t have to do all that stuff.’ Well, okay, then what do I do? If I didn’t do what I do – even now – I think it would really be hard to be Jeff Hardy (in the ring); a complete character change, whatever it may be. Yeah, I feel pressure, but I think overall smarter now.”

On How He Feels: “I’m 35 now and I’m feeling pretty good now. I’m taking extremely good care of myself. I think my daughter has a lot to do with my new-found success and my belief in myself,” Hardy said. “Overall, I think I’m just lucky, and I hope I continue to be lucky. But I do get a lot more nervous now. But, I’m doing good, I’m doing good, and everything is all right.”

On Who He Likes To Work With: “There’s so many talent guys here. I’ve worked with Austin Aries several times, Bobby Roode; those guys are phenomenal. There’s guys like A.J. Styles; he’s unbelievable. These kinds of guys are just getting it done, man. And when they do get the chances, they take full advantage,” Hardy said. “It just takes time, the product is going to get better and better. I don’t know what the next five or ten years will bring, but I definitely think TNA will continue to grow. I’m not sure where exactly it’s going or how it’s going to be but it’s definitely going to be changing the game.”

On Comparing TNA and WWE: “We’re way different than WWE. We may never be as big as WWE, but the cool thing about TNA is that we are the alternative. So people who get tired and bored with the WWE – I’ve been there, I understand – there’s an alternative and something else to watch. For special wrestlers, there’s somewhere else to go – as long as you’re not brainwashed by that WWE mentality. There’s other worlds out there; it’s okay to switch around.”

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6 Responses to “Jeff Hardy Speaks Out – TNA vs. WWE, Ring Style, Future”

  1. toddmikki says:

    that was a fantastic interview.

  2. andy3323 says:

    Sounds like he likes sticking around in TNA, talked about it like he likes being the alternative.

  3. UCEAD11 says:

    Did he drop a brain washed line on the cronies stuck in the WWE trap….ha ha….love that line. Oh and I think he is going to retire in TNA. Why go anywhere else. Lastly, I think WWE will drop more fans to tna here soon. I am especially excited about the ride to overcome WWE down the road.

  4. purpleurkel says:

    slightly unrelated..but wwe just signed El Generico. awesome canadian lucha libre.

    If you havent yet seen Kota Ibushi vs El Generico, do yourself a favor. Long match but full of awesome high risk stuff.

  5. The shield says:

    Wow some people on this site are morons who cares whether u like wwe or tna enjoy the wrestling and the stories. So guys grow up.

    • El Generico Fantastico says:

      Exactaly bro tats wat i been saying f ur a hardcore wrestling fan just sit down shut up stop whining an enjoy the dam show as a wrestling fan i enjoy both products i dont concentrate on the whole buisness side of wrestling im here to watch the stories an matches no matter how stupid they r so for all “wrestling fans” out there just enjoy the ride

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