Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Oct 11, 2012
Jeff Hardy Wants Tag Team Wrestling To Make A Comeback

Jeff Hardy Wants Tag Team Wrestling To Make A Comeback

During a conference call promoting Bound For Glory, Jeff Hardy addressed the topic of tag team wrestling.

“Tag wrestling is crazy important to me, and it’s just fun y’know. Going back to the days of all the classic TLC matches, working with The Dudley Boys and Edge & Christian, those matches were so special to me. It could be the year 2060 and those matches would still be cool,” he told Fighting Spirit Magazine.

“I’m waiting on tag-team wrestling to spark again, for something else to come along and I kinda’ sensed it back when Beer Money and The Motor City Machine Guns were having an awesome feud. That was phenomenal, and totally awesome. It’d be nice if tag-teams could become as special now as they were back then, and who knows if that’ll happen or not.”

More comments from Hardy on the subject are available here.

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