Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Mar 24, 2014
Jeff Jarrett Continues Tease For New Promotion

Jeff Jarrett Continues Tease For New Promotion

Jeff Jarrett posted the following to Instagram to tease his new promotion:

April 7th… @karenjarrett #itscoming #marchmadness

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11 Responses to “Jeff Jarrett Continues Tease For New Promotion”

  1. toddmikki says:

    Awesome, that’ll give me another wrestling show to watch. Can’t watch wwe that stuff is hideous, although tna is getting closer to wwe, tna is unfortunately becoming more and more corney. Funny how people complained about hogan yet tna was 1000 times better with Hulk Hogan. Gosh does tna need hogan!!! Crazy how the man that made wrestling (hogan), is now gone from tna. The man that made tna(jarret) has left tna. The man that originated and made tna different (style’s) is gone. The man that made tna relevant (sting), now gone. The only person to ever take down wwe and McMahon (bischof) gone from tna. And the greatest wrestler of all time (Kurt angle) leaving tna in a few months.

    • DarkNexxus says:

      If you dislike TNA so much, go away, and stop posting.

    • themachomadness says:

      Couldn't agree more toddmikki, what a sensible comment, TNA was a whole lot better under Hogan but I bet all the TNA hogan haters out there would never ever admit to that even though TNA just keeps on going from bad to worse because they either can't or don't want to spend the money on keeping most of their stars so pretty soon all they are gonna have left is a boring Englishman and a fat Samoan as their main eventers so I hope Jarretts new promotion can breathe some new life into the stale and sad state of wrestling at the moment.

    • tna4life says:

      Hogan DOES NOT I REPEAT DOES NOT Equal Ratings! Hogan is was and will always be a glory hound stuck in the 90s. The longer he stays in the spotlight the worst his reputation gets, it just shows in my mind just how shallow of a person he is. Ric Flair is another one the both of them should get desk jobs for WWE and make some house show appearances, but be banned from wrestling or promos from here out in the twenty first century .

  2. Greg says:

    Come back Jarrett!!! We want more wrestling less talking HEADS!!!!

  3. Ian says:

    Tna right now is still my favorite. though they are starting to lose my attention. more x division high flying is needed. back to the origins of tna.

    hopefully jarrets promotion will do something more exciting like the old days of tna! Jarrett.#1

  4. hamzy_ji says:

    You know whats great about his knew promotion (Hopefully)? He would have learnt from all his mistakes he made in TNA and make Jarrett's promotion the next best TNA! It wont be WWE Vs TNA or TNA Vs Jarrett Promotion it be TNA Vs Jarrett.s Promotion ! Awesome times! …

    PS. I think Jarrett's Promotion has a nice ring to it. Like Jim Crockett Promotions.

  5. HolsG says:

    It would be great to have more than two competing wrestling promotions and hopefully in the long run, it will begin to bring wrestling back!

    Just hope he gets an international deal and quickly. Love to see Jarrett back

    • hamzy_ji says:

      So true, Also, who says the "Monday nite wars!" between 8 million viewers need to be WWE Vs another promotion. Maybe TNA Vs Another promotion fighting for 2 Million viewers can be the new wrestling wars.

      Why is ***ht (N i g h t) being censored?

  6. aos1982 says:

    its hardly going to be Monday night wars if he's on a smaller network. I think Jarrett learnt a lot from launching tna but obviously there are things he would have done differently, he is very fortunate to be in a position to launch another (hopefully) big promotion.

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