Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Aug 27, 2014
Jeff Jarrett’s GFW Moving ‘Slower Than Expected’ – TV Deal?

Jeff Jarrett’s GFW Moving ‘Slower Than Expected’ – TV Deal?

Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling has been negotiating for a TV deal. The promotion was hopeful to have a TV deal locked in by now, but things are said to be moving slower than officials had hoped for.

Jeff Jarrett is scheduled to go to New York, Dallas and Los Angeles in September to scout buildings for potential TV tapings. Overall it is said that the full launch of the promotion has gone much slower than company officials had hoped.

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13 Responses to “Jeff Jarrett’s GFW Moving ‘Slower Than Expected’ – TV Deal?”

  1. BigAl says:

    Jeff and his fantasy league.

  2. gfwjj says:

    i just HOPE it is on a channel i can get

  3. gfwjj says:

    GFW is in far better shape then tna is

  4. Roid Master says:


  5. fritiz1 says:

    XWF 2.0

  6. Mr. Excitement says:

    Pro wrestling is dying. Even networks have no interest in the WWE empire.
    Something big needs to happen for the industry to thrive.

    • Peckar says:

      Without a doubt. Although if TNA could snag Punk , Del Rio, Steen, Rey and good ol JR. Love him or hate him, JR commands respect from all wrestlers in the industry. Who wouldn't work for him? An Austin might come along one day too, but this is all pipe dreams with the cash-flow for TNA, almost completely stopped.

  7. VikingBlood says:

    Funny how anti TNA fanboys are saying Jarrett will topple TNA. Um we have not seen GFW yet. I do want it to do well and I will still be a TNA fan but the TNA haters nred to stfu anf if they hate it. Do not watch it

  8. Wrestling isn't dying. Networks have become cheap and lazy.

    Networks want people to work cheap. They need change their mentality, or more people will stop watching them.

  9. Reality television is mostly garbage.

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