Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Oct 21, 2013
Jeff Jarrett’s Role At Bound For Glory + Next PPV?

Jeff Jarrett’s Role At Bound For Glory + Next PPV?

— TNA made no mention of their next live PPV event last night.

— Jeff Jarrett worked as an agent last night. Jeff returned several months ago and has been working as an agent at all TNA iMPACT! TV tapings as of late. He’s a great addition and many talents are glad to have him back.

— The beautiful Karen Jarrett was also backstage visiting.

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5 Responses to “Jeff Jarrett’s Role At Bound For Glory + Next PPV?”

  1. fritiz1 says:

    So TNA is cancelling a bunch of shows and now doesn't even have their next PPV set up?

  2. 87GIBBY says:


  3. showtime says:

    Cancelling shows to move back to the Impact zone. It looks like TNA is looking at their entire business model and making necessary changes in order to survive and hopefully thrive in the future. At this point, PPV for TNA is all but dead. If they could work out something with Spike TV to hold a PPV like special event once a quarter it would probaby be better than putting it on PPV at this point. Keep the Lockdown, Slammiversary and BFG names (plus one more…take your pick) but on free tv. You will have alot more fans watching then you would on a PPV for now and hopefully in the future you build the company to the point that you can go back to PPV

  4. 87GIBBY says:


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