Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Feb 12, 2013
Jeff & Karen Jarrett On The Rock’s RAW Reference

Jeff & Karen Jarrett On The Rock’s RAW Reference

Jeff & Karen Jarrett comment on The Rock name-dropping Jeff Jarrett during Monday’s Raw from Nashville

The Rock tweeted: @JeffJarrettTNA Had to tell a few of our USWA stories tonight on #RAW my friend. From 40 bucks a night to @WWE Champ. #NashvilleDreams

Jeff Jarrett tweeted: Phone blowing up… Twitter blowing up… @TheRock #theRocksays #40bucks

The #40bucks is a reference to…

The Rock tweeted: 1996 I wrestled at flea markets & fairs for $40 bucks a night. Cool to be back where it all started.. #NashvilleRAW @WWE #BringIt

Jeff Jarrett’s daughter & Karen Jarrett: “@JoslynJarrett: @JeffJarrettTNA dad, you’re trending…. how does it feel?”not the 1st time baby girl!

Sonjay Dutt & Karen Jarrett: “@sonjaydutterson: #jeffjarrett #dirtydutch #northkorea. Phew, what a night”now all u need to do is find the Ale House!

Madison Rayne & Karen Jarrett: “@MRayneTNA: @JeffJarrettTNA you see what an impact your name made tonight! Tv misses you and @karenjarrett !!!!!”Awe! We miss you!

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