Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Sep 21, 2013
Jerry Jarrett: TNA Shouldn’t Focus On Ex-WWE Talents

Jerry Jarrett: TNA Shouldn’t Focus On Ex-WWE Talents

In an interview with Inside The Ropes, Jerry Jarrett, the founder of TNA, said that Dixie Carter shouldn’t be focusing on former WWE wrestlers. Here are highlights:

On Dixie’s non-wrestling background and how that effects her running a wrestling company: “You’ve got to have an unabiding respect for the business or it’s impossible to be successful. When I was in the wrestling business, me and the wrestling business were intertwined. I ate it, slept it, dreamt it. The wrestling business was my mistress. Dixie saw her first match after she had ownership, I think and I know for a fact she has little regard for the tradition or the history of the business. So, if you don’t know what brought you to the dance, how are you supposed to learn from it and build on it. After all this years, it’s pretty obvious that I’m right. TNA today is as closed to being a non factor in the business as you can get.”

Thoughts on TNA’s focus on ex-WWE talents: “That’s one of the mistakes they made. They can’t seem to get past the fact that when you bring in guys that WWE has let go, fans are going to see them as yesterday’s soup. But of course you have to have someone who knows how to cultivate and create talent otherwise you have no choice but to use whoever’s available, thats named talent. It’s pretty obvious that they don’t have anybody that knows how to create talent. I’m guessing, because I haven’t seen the show in 2-3 years, but I’m sure there’s talent there that could be superstars. Truth, Ron Killings was in TNA and then you saw when he went to WWE how Vince made him into a superstar. In the wrestling business, it’s really not any secret, it’s understanding that if you’re making a movie. what are the ingredients you need? A compelling storyline, a great producer/director and great talent. You mix those ingredients and you get great cinema. But if you take this great star or talent and put him in a stinking movie with a stinking producer director, what do you get? and the wrestling business is a dance between the promoter or booker or writer and the talent. They have to be on the same page and they both have to be good.”

TNA’s future: “I am amazed, because when I was there, Bob Carter called me at least two to three times a week and said “I can’t lose any more money, Jerry” and I said “You’re needing to talk to your daughter, not to me. She’s running the place”So I’m amazed that they are in business. I think at this point, it’s safe to say that TNA will continue to be subsidized by Bob Carter until he dies. Then I think TNA will go the way of ECW and the territory days.”

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40 Responses to “Jerry Jarrett: TNA Shouldn’t Focus On Ex-WWE Talents”

  1. Steven kelly says:

    Just over a year of him nt watching tna have had non wwe stars as champ aries roode sting n sabin rest of time it was hardy or bully ray

  2. stevontte1 says:

    Ok jerry if you can do better than help instead of throwing salt on tna. Thats what pisses me off about all these clowns that preaching at tna's funeral even though it's still alive & kicking. Jerry you shouldn't hold a grudge over tna being sold to dixie. That was your son's doing not hers & if you really gave a fuck you would be trying to help tna instead of bashing it. You sound like the guy that sold his wife to a rich man & now your pissed, because she's with him now.

    • Philly_Cheese says:

      He gave his honest opinion about TNA's state and he's accurate to some degree… He brought up about the creative problems in TNA, which have been ongoing for years now. TNA can't create a drawing face of the company simply because they can't create it through the story. It's well known TNA creative has to many guys who want to do their own thing, and no matter what they're all going to like someone different.

      • ricky_No1 says:

        Oh no, you upset the marks again. You know even if everything he said is accurate and incidentally i believe it was. You cant say that on here. You should know better lol

    • PennyAnd1 says:

      Is Jerry even an employee in TNA? Because if not, then how can he help? Since you beg the question..

  3. jbcissom says:

    I gotta agree with stevontte1. This just comes across as sour grapes. One, you have little to no knowledge of the product if you haven't watched it in the past 2-3 years, and two, are you freaking crazy? VKM turned Ron Killings into a superstar? Excuse me, but when has he headlined a WWE PPV, let alone one of their big four?

    I have personally stated that Jerry Jarrett should have been the first person inducted into the TNA HoF. But I'm beginning to understand why now he was not. He has a point about TNA needing to limit how many people they pick up that the WWE has let go, but that's the only point that holds any validation.

    • Philly_Cheese says:

      Ron Killings in the WWE has been in the upper-mid card there for a while now, which is better than what any promotion has done with him. His bigger point was that it doesn't take anything huge from the talent themselves to make them a potential draw, as Ron Killings merch is selling extremely well. He had a point about creative in TNA, they can't do much for storylines, but it's more the fault of Dixie for allowing so many people to have their hands in that without any one person directing the story.

      • jbcissom says:

        Honestly, that's the one positive about Russo. While he was there, he was "the guy". I think management wise, TNA has had a lot of turnover in "the office" in the last several months, so on a business level, I can understand the fluctuation there. But something does need to be done about creative. There can be a creative team, but there has to be one, sole person who is the end all, be all person for creative.

    • PennyAnd1 says:

      Well, He could say CM Punk. Put CM Punk in place of Truth, then we would have nothing to argue about that statement.

      • jbcissom says:

        How long ago was CM Punk in TNA? When was the last time Ron Killings was in TNA? Answer me this… looking at the top guys in WWE, why is it that over the past two years they're ratings and viewership has declined to the point that they are now happy with sub 3.0s and just under 4 million viewers for Raw?

        VKM is such a good business man, he annihilated his competition… and now he's basically killed his own company. Across the board, all of the numbers are down for WWE, except for WM PPV buys, and that is it.

        • PennyAnd1 says:

          I don't care what's going on with WWE and its stars right now.All I know is that WWE made CM Punk a star which backs Jerry's statement.

          • jbcissom says:

            You're not getting it. CM Punk wasn't around long enough to be a TNA guy. He was around long enough to be a RoH guy. You're starting to fall under the heading of this website's poster… doesn't matter if a guy was in the organization for 30 mins, he's a former star/superstar. Punk didn't get over in TNA. He got over in RoH.

          • PennyAnd1 says:

            I don't know what you're trying to prove, that you know CM Punk better than I? You probably do, but that's not the point. I'm just a regular wrestling fan, I didn't know CM Punk from ROH. That's because ROH wasn't on TV. But you see you know that because you're not the general people. You're an in-depth wrestling fan. What we general fan know is that Punk was in TNA and he became big in WWE. And that goes back tot he point that Vince knows how to make a guy into a superstar and Jerry's trying to emphasize that.

          • jbcissom says:

            Dude, more casual fans know CM Punk from RoH. I started watching Impact! when it moved to Spike… no CM Punk. As a matter of fact, I had never heard of Punk until co-workers were talking about him being in WWE. And then one co-worker told me his better stuff was done in RoH. Told me not to look at his stuff in TNA. So I looked up both via YouTube in my spare time. You don't have to be in-depth to YouTube stuff.

  4. TheMiwyun says:

    fuk off now. awite

  5. Euphoria says:

    On the bash tna internet circle jerk jerry is. What is sad is many internet dweebs love being in the middle of it.

  6. Roid Master says:

    Boy…Paula Deen has really let herself go.

  7. Euphoria says:

    Uh Ron Killings was a former TNA champion. I think that is s huge push

  8. Euphoria says:

    Lmfao Paula Deen has indeed. If Jeff wascthe chosen one Jerry is the flabby one.

  9. JoeWrestling says:

    Jerry is right that ex-WWE talent shouldn't be the focus, but they aren't really. Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy are there but they are good draws for TNA and right to use them. Bully Ray was been there long enough to be reinvented and when he was in a tag team capacity the tag team roster couldn't have been any hotter with TNA talent. I can agree Chavo Guerrero is a bit over pushed but he's not top of the card really. Mr. Anderson likewise is a decent talent, who wasn't the top tier in WWE but has kind of proven himself in TNA as maybe not the top guy but a good player. But still 80% of their roster isn't ex-WWE. I also could have sworn when Jerry Jarrett was in TNA, weren't they using a lot of ex-WCW guys? and weren't the NWA-TNA champions in 2002 all ex-WWF (Shamrock, K-Kwik, DoubleJ). Some even argue that having your son hogging the championship between 2002-2006 stifled the company. This was your great idea? Jerry couldn't keep TNA in business and had no working business model either. And he says "TNA today is as closed to being a non factor in the business as you can get". This is not true. Regardless of their success, TNA has had major influence over individual wrestlers getting name recognition, they influence WWE storylines and production, as well as lots of influence on other international promotions. The very fact that 1 million people watch TNA, and 4 million watch RAW, by definition they influence that 25% of the wrestling viewers. Even greater when you consider that 25% are probably not casual viewers and follow all of wrestling. Sure they may never crack that 3 million that primarily only watch WWE, but they don't epitomize the wrestling business just one brand. It's like saying your small family operated chain of restaurants is no credit to the food industry, cause everyone eats at McDonalds, so that's real food cause they make the most money and have the most customers.

    • PennyAnd1 says:

      Finding a good wrestling talent is rare these days. They're almost generic. TBH, I tune in TNA to watch Sting. With the years he's been in the wrestling business, he's still entertaining to watch just because of his uniqueness along side Styles & Aeries.

  10. Laker says:

    As much as I hate to say this but I do personally believe that Ex WWE stars have a name to TNA. If it wasn’t for them then people wouldn’t know most of the TNA stars today.

  11. kyle says:

    I think the biggest problem is dixies(dontw get me wrong i like dixie but unlike vince no one afraid of her. Dixie need to bring in a story book writer or sone one with a clear vision.

  12. TheFurnitureom says:

    I think you need a 'combination' of both Jerry. Originals and highly known marketable names. It's not just an experiment anymore Jerry, TNA have obligations to capture a mass audience and can't afford to be a no name league.

  13. Cezar_TheScribe says:

    "I think at this point, it’s safe to say that TNA will continue to be subsidized by Bob Carter until he dies. Then I think TNA will go the way of ECW and the territory days.”__I hope he's wrong.

  14. godoftna says:

    He does have some valid points, but a lot of it I believe is bitterness between himself and his son. Jerry wanted to do things his way, but Jeff wanted to do them differently. In the end, the company was sold to Dixie simply because it couldn't continue on the way it was. TNA DOES need the help of SOME former WWE stars, like Kurt Angle or Jeff Hardy. Guys who can still go in the ring and have that name recognition. But they also need to use these guys to build their own stars. Sting was a popular wrestler back in the NWA, but it was his match with Ric Flair at the first Clash of Champions that made him a name. TNA needs to look at that type of formual and use it to their advantage. Now I certainly don't have any problem in using lesser known names from the WWE either, being that if they are packaged right and marketed well, they can become HUGE successes in TNA. Many people seem to forget that 4 of the biggest stars in the WWE during the late 90's were mid and low card cast offs by the names of Steve Austin, Mick Foley, Mark Callaway(The Undertaker), and Paul Levesque(Triple H). Can TNA turn low/mid card WWE performers in to big stars? It's definitely possible. Say what you want, but I think Elijah Burke was a bigger star in TNA than he ever was in the WWE.

    • jbcissom says:

      TNA has dropped to ball on elevating their stars after victories over the likes of Angle and Sting (see AJ and Jay Lethal… in with Angle threw a huge fit backstage about Lethal losing to some mid-level X division after he beat Angle clean). And I agree with you about Elijah Burke. He could have been huge in WWE. It didn't work out there. He could have been huge in TNA… didn't work out there. He has it, so there has to be something else that's keeping him back. And we've all heard/read the reports as to what that could be.

      Also, don't forget, Kane was in NWA/WCW as well.

  15. Dennis D says:

    Ron Killings is a superstar in WWE? Last time I seen him on WWE programming he was walking around backstage talking about an invisible boy named “Little Jimmy”?

    Is that what “Superstars” are nowadays?….

    If so, then I’ll just keeping watching the “dying show” with the “non-Superstars” like Austin Aries, Phenominal AJ Styles, Bobby Roode, Cowboy James Storm, and Bully Ray.

  16. Grandiose7 says:

    Whats the deal with "comments deleted by administrator" right away..nothing was inappropriate about my comment, maybe it's because I questioned Dixie Carter?

  17. Luchador says:

    I only agree that TNA should focus on TNA originals and make there own stars and forget the ex WWE and hire new Indy talent

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