Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jul 24, 2013
Jesse Sorensen Rips TNA President Dixie Carter – Details

Jesse Sorensen Rips TNA President Dixie Carter – Details

Jesse (Jessy) Sorenson has accused TNA of breaking promises to him following his release today. Sorenson posted a fundraising campaign to trying to raise $600 for the Hurricane Bay bodybuilding show in Tampa, Florida on October 5th, stating that he is unable to pay for the show due to his release. Sorenson posted the following in the campaign:

My name is Jessy Sorensen(Jesse Sorensen) I am a former professional wrestler for TNA Impact Wrestling seen every thursday night on SpikeTV. On Feb.12th 2012 during a live match on pay per view vs Zema Ion I suffered a sever neck injury sustaining a broke C-1 vertebrae & herniated C-5 & C-6. After a long recovery process & being promised by the President of TNA Impact Wrestling TNA Dixie Carter I would always have a job with her company, I recently was released from my current contract & shown that those promises were false. During my time away from the ring I decided to pursue bodybuilding & have been prepping for the Hurricane Bay bodybuilding show in Tampa, FL on Oct.5th,2013 but now due to my recent released I will have to drop out of my show. A friend of mine told me about this site and if anyone would like to help and contribute I would be so grateful and appreciate any donations. Thanks and hopefully I can find something I love just as much as I did Wrestling.

Thus far he has raised $260. You can find more details on his fundraising project and read his full blog at this link.

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43 Responses to “Jesse Sorensen Rips TNA President Dixie Carter – Details”

  1. birdmantd says:

    Shame on Dixie if she made the promise but shame on Jesse if he believed that TNA would always honor it. Dixie seems like she sometimes tries to be everything to everyone. Promising lifetime employment to someone who has suffered a career ending injury sounds all well and good but if you're going to try to run a profitable company it's just not a practical thing to do. I'm sure she had good intentions. Hopefully she'll learn from this mistake.

  2. Nova_numb says:

    My guess is they were paying him the money of a wrestler to do whatever job he was doing then. I think that's crazy…If you use to work as a Doctor, got hurt and can only do a job of a parking attendant…Do you expect the Hospital to pay you doctor wages? Sounds like he just got bitter, he was bringing nothing to TNA anymore and has apparently decided to be a Body Builder now. That to me just seems like he should have been happy TNA employed him as long as they could and go on with his life. Sorry his career was hurt, but seems like he is just bitter now.

    • 1Risky1 says:

      true, I thought he was recovering to wrestle again so if he decided to be a body builder why would TNA keep him

      • oh0K says:

        A better question is , if he can be a bodybuilder why can he not wrestle? To the first post, your thinking id s bit messsed up , as a doctor would surely be covered,,, its more like a roofer, who falls back to only being able to clean scraps off the ground…..

        Either way I'm sure hs tweet ruined his chance at ever having a career in professional wrestling.

        • Peckar says:

          Apples and oranges mate. Physical sport and taking bumps, is nothing at all like working out in a gym. I guess you aren't too big on health on fitness seen as you didn't know that already.

  3. Mr. Excitement says:

    If Dixie made the promise, Jesse should have known realistically no one can guarantee lifetime employment.

  4. Mr. Excitement says:

    If he stops with bodybuilding, he can always get into 'football.'

  5. toddmikki says:

    Maybe if you were decent at your job you were handed than you wouldn’t have been let go. Maybe if you put as much effort into in ring rehab and the current job you had as you did in body building, than would’ve honored the promise. “Boo hoo i no longer get paid to do nothing anymore, wait ill collect donations”

  6. soyfenomenal says:

    LOL This guy is an automatic joke for starting a fundraiser for himself. Get a fucking day job like the rest of us to support your goals. God, what a loser. I'm not sympathetic at all. He didn't want to pursue a return to wrestling, and was cut because he was not giving TNA anything significant. I'm sure if Jesse would have wanted to focus on a wrestling return, as opposed to body building, he would be employed still. But no, his focus was not on his work, but on his physique. So he can piss right the fuck off with his pity party and fundraiser.

  7. TwIsTeD_EnEmY says:

    Anyone who starts a fundraiser for themselves should have the sense slapped into them.
    God, I dont ask for money from my parents, let alone complete strangers from the internet.
    Don't get me wrong, if you'd rather give your money to an ex. wrestler who wants to benefit to society by winning some body-building contest, which he has already admitted he wont be able to make either way then giving to a real cause like curing cancer, than why not just send your money to the " TwIsTeD_EnEmY weekend drinking fundraiser". Message me for details on how to donate.

    • whatever says:

      I will donate to your fundraiser just give me your bank account info and I will transfer money into it.

  8. Tiffanydude says:

    Usually I would be Face about this, but Imma turn heel for a second ahem………..Really Jesse? Really? You're pissed b/c someone promised you a job position forever? Reality Check dumbass that doesn't exist anywhere unless you created a company or your related to the creator. Zema Ion might have cancer and you're bitching and whining about not having a job. Barely anyone donated to him but you don't see him crying about. Grow a pair and suck it up that's life.

  9. Dante_Cross says:

    Lifetime employment works. If you're in WWE. Vicky and Droz for example have been in WWE for years due to Eddie and becoming paralyzed respectively.

  10. 1Risky1 says:

    can't believe he dosen't have $600 do

  11. ripwhoozwah1 says:

    I know it sounds bad, but in the business world 2 years is a very long time to keep some one around just cause a promise. Is it right? No. But that is just nature of the beast.

  12. JoeWrestling says:

    No idea what the promise was but it's the wrestling business, and honestly she might not be incharge of all the decisions. Either way, it doesn't come off classy for complaining even if you are wronged. Simply because bad press on TNA will mean nothing, but it makes future employers of you shy away because you talk bad of former employers. Even if you are wronged, it's best to stay classy. Maybe Dixie or whomever will start making the tough decisions now that looking like the "bad guy" isn't really an issue anymore. The main problem for TNA is that it's not a great investment for those backing the money, so they have to do these cuts either way. I still think Spike pays TNA enough to pay all the current costs, it's just that breaking even on current payroll isn't a good investment, and they have to make up past start up costs and then turn a reasonable yearly profit.

  13. Peckar says:

    So much hate comes for this guy and yet three months ago you are all are praising him. Do you think he got paid for the time he was off? Of course not. He was young, just starting and has been fired less than a year into the job. How the hell anyone can defend that is beyond me.

  14. HolsG says:

    I'm siding more with Jesse on this.
    Why the hell would she tell him his job is safe??! With what he's been through he's going to remember that until the day he retires and now he's been working back in the company 6 months or so and she's already got rid of him.
    She could have at least offered him a pay cut especially if he's getting into body building so will have two jobs.

  15. lee4tammy says:

    after reading that he was one of the highest paid in his position he comes accross as a bit of a cry baby

    i just want to point out that tna were not to blame for his injury it was an accident and they dont have to offer him a job

  16. whatsup121 says:

    Wow talk about being ungrateful first this

    Guy has a freak accident in a sport that

    Is known to be physical on the body to begin

    With then. This guy has the nerve to talk

    Bad about some that continued to give

    Him a job. He’s a wrestler who got injured

    It suck but it happens. Dixie Carter

    Didn’t have to give him another job ,

    She could have been like Sorry about

    Your Damn luck , here’s the door don’t let it

    Hit you on the way out. But instead he

    Wines & bitches and complains that now

    He can’t afford to do something like bodybuilding

    Get a job , flip some burgers , save your

    Money like the rest of us, and stop bitching

  17. jflegler says:

    I will go out on a limb here and say that this may be a work. He comes right out of the gate with "can be seen on SpikeTv, Thursdays". If he is bitter, why plug at all? In addition, the fund raiser is for $600 – if that is all, get a job. Maybe the potential work is playing the sympathy card by being dramatically over the top with him being in squalor.

    This can make for a decent angle if my opinion is true.

    Conversely, if this was done out of his own aggravation, it was a very bad move for the young, and markedly naïve, Jesse. At least wait until you are on your decline before you start burning bridges…lol

  18. Cezar_TheScribe says:

    Broken promises. Sounds like ECW and Paul Heyman all over again.

  19. TheBringer92 says:

    Promise meansnothing anymore. It is poor that he broke his neck doing his job for TNA and then they release him so doesnt have a job

    • jbcissom says:

      People can feel sorry for him, but there are countless professional athletes in baseball, basketball, football, and hockey that are cut/released from their contracts because of injuries. It's like everyone is expecting handouts now-a-days.

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