Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Sep 28, 2012
Jillian Hall Works Dark Match At Last Night’s TNA iMPACT!

Jillian Hall Works Dark Match At Last Night’s TNA iMPACT!

Former WWE Diva Jillian Hall worked a dark match prior to last night’s iMPACT! TV tapings. She lost to Tara in the match.

Hall lives in the area, but no word on if she will sign with the company or not at this time.

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25 Responses to “Jillian Hall Works Dark Match At Last Night’s TNA iMPACT!”

  1. MikeS23 says:

    Sign her

  2. purpleurkel says:

    +1 sign her Bruce…unless women intimidate you too much
    let her feud with Gail … we need at least 2 heel KOs

    • Dirk1n says:

      Gail, Madison, Tara, that's 3 heels already

      • oh0K says:

        uhhhhmm… he said have her feud with gail…. aka be a face… just sayin. Either way I hope she gets signed. Jillian in OVW was on par with the 2007 knockouts.Then again winter was as well. but she lacked charisma in some way.

  3. TheeCrusher says:

    Ah. Another BP hater in purpleurkel. Maybe learn what that man has done to further the business before trashing him would do you some good. And don't believe what the smart marks say online. They know nothing that's more than 5 years old other than what they've seen on You Tube!

    • purpleurkel says:

      wow… how did i imply hate, and how is that "trashing".
      time to change your tampon dude

      • hangers says:

        So enlighten us Thee, what has the man done other than bury the knockouts?

        • Dirk1n says:

          Reportedly Pritchard is the one responsible for the current product and most of the improvements in it
          The KOs aren't exactly buried but they certainly aren't being used as they should be

          • hangers says:

            Everyone knows the KO division is a mere shadow of what it was a couple of years ago. Once Sara Del Rey starts to wrestle in the WWE the KO division will be worse than the divas, if it isnt already..

          • Pippin0490 says:

            What a sad day that will be for wrestling. 🙁

          • Raincold57 says:

            lol please you think any of the fans of the wwe are going to be gaga over sara del ray? not exactly maryse in the looks department lol and i felel sorry for her they will put her in some stupid gimmick and tone down her moves down so much she will be generic as hell they should just get rid of the division nobody cares anyway not the wwe or the fans

          • hangers says:

            Do you think the fans of wwe seriously want to see girls like kelly kelly and layla have a pulling hair contest or would they rather watch a serious womens match. The pop Kong got in wwe and the pop hamada got in tna tells me otherwise. Del Rey is no jobber and wont sell out as a wrestler just for a paycheck..

          • Raincold57 says:

            thats your opinion but reality is ppl dont care to see women wrestle in the wwe look at beth, natalya they can wrestle yet nobody cares about them but they love aj lee who doesnt wrestle at all ..tna fans still want to see women wrestlers hell they rarely get a ton of tv time but there segments are always the most watched

          • hangers says:

            Thats not because of the fan's (In WWE) it's because of management. Beth and Natalya have yet to have a singles match yet and management have consistently put girls like the bellas over in front of women who can actually wrestle and work a match. If the WWE were to make the womens division into something worth watching then people will watch.

  4. mrjdjr says:

    That's just where Jillian Hall belongs: in the dark.

  5. hangers says:

    For fcuk sake, cant they hire any girls other than ex-divas? I could count off 20 girls better than Jillian who can actually wrestle but I guess they dont want a high rating womens wrestling match..

    • Dirk1n says:

      Kelly Kelly is a free agent now…

      I've not seen Jillian wrestle but my first thought were similar to yours, TNA already has ex-divas and they just let one go recently after not using her for many months, they could probably pick up 2 or 3 talented women for the price of an ex-WWE wrestler

  6. IW4EVA says:

    Please no more Divas …. perhaps sign someone from Shimmer if TNA has "soo much" screen time to manage 10 KOs in their roster

  7. whatsup121 says:

    Bring back awesome Kong

  8. whatsup121 says:

    let Taeler Henderix into TNA and wrestle already

  9. JoeWrestling says:

    She probably won't show up on the show, they do these tryouts all the time.

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