Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Mar 10, 2014
Jim Ross Blogs On Last Night’s TNA Locdown PPV

Jim Ross Blogs On Last Night’s TNA Locdown PPV

Jim Ross has posted a new blog entry, here are the TNA highlights…

Thought TNA Lockdown was a better than many TNA PPV’s I’ve watched and was an average presentation in my eyes. I am not a fan of every match being a cage match. I’m not indicting anyone but making every match a cage match puts immense, creative pressure on the talent and there is too much “sameness.” James Storm, Bobby Roode, Samoa Joe, Bully Ray, and Gail Kim are ‘players’ without question while others in TNA have the opportunity to be as well if they force themselves to continue to change/evolve and not to be comfortable in their current presentations. Gail Kim is arguably the best female wrestler in the business. As I have said, I hope ALL wrestling organizations are successful because the more talent that’s earning a good living in the biz the better for all involved. I do think that the ‘evil administration’ story line served its purpose long ago within TNA. I find it hard to ‘dislike’ the Dixie Carter TV persona.

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5 Responses to “Jim Ross Blogs On Last Night’s TNA Locdown PPV”

  1. mutaisback says:

    Eh, it's his opinion. In my opinion, I'm a fan of having all the matches in a steel cage. It definitely sets TNA apart from every other wrestling organization. This idea is so good that WWE may even steal it and pretend like they came up with the idea, as they always do.

  2. andy70316 says:

    your so right omutaisback 65p. I totally agree

  3. tnadude says:

    I found his assessment to be rather accurate.

  4. mb113 says:

    Tigre "Misterio" Uno was the highlight of the evening when it came to all the new talent in TNA. He reminds me of Rey Misterio Jr. in the WCW days (Not the watered down WWE Rey Mysterio). The low points were later on with the poorly placed part with Abyss… and most of the Main Event…

  5. JoeWrestling says:

    I get the comments against all matches in the steel cage, but you have to realize that Lockdown has always been their top PPV of the year, and the audience likes it the most. So to argue at this point to remove the gimmick seems silly. Of course having EVERY match in the steel cage can be tedious on the booking. But they know this, they just don't want to have to take time putting the cage up during the PPV broadcast.

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