Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Oct 21, 2013
Jim Ross Blogs On The Future Of TNA Wrestling

Jim Ross Blogs On The Future Of TNA Wrestling


Jim Ross has posted a new blog entry. Here are the TNA highlights…

On TNA: Someone on Twitter said that I wouldn’t admit it if I watched the TNA PPV Sunday night. Wrong, Einstein. However, I did not watch their show as I was watching the Manning vs. Irsay Bowl on NBC plus my regular Sunday night fare including HBO’s Boardwalk Empire and Eastbound and Down. However, if any company changes five titles in one show, which one is supposed to standout to the average fan? Apparently that’s what occurred. Sounds like TNA hit the “reset” button on the whole shooting match. No dog in the hunt except for my many friends who work there and I’m pulling for them and their families.

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17 Responses to “Jim Ross Blogs On The Future Of TNA Wrestling”

  1. Sturk says:

    I can see JR's POV. But wrestling has to break out of traditions sometimes. PPL complain when TNA resembles WWE and they complain when they do things different from WWE. I hate that ppl are calling the ppv predictable when nothing about the ppv was predictable. YOU didnt know Bromance would have a GOOD match against Storm/Gunner, let alone win it, you didnt know Sting would TAP to Magnus, You didnt know Angle would TURN DOWN the HOF, you didnt know Lai'D Tapa would align with Gail etc etc. Whole ppv was DIFFERENT than what normally happens in wrestling. Anyone saying that ppv was predictable is a LIAR!

    • Mr. Excitement says:

      AJ winning the title was predictable. And that's the main event.

      • Sturk says:

        That was good predictable. It's what the fans in majority wanted through and through. But the ppv itself was not predictable.

      • DirkB says:

        Remember Roode vs Angle from 2011? They had it set up for Roode to win, after an amazing BFG series, the fans were behind him, everybody knew he was going to win but wanted to see it anyway, then Angle won by holding the rope…

      • Philly_Cheese says:

        Correct it was predictable, but I think it's what the fans in general waned. Although to be fair I myself, and probably many others didn't expect a clean win to happen.

    • tna24 says:

      i was actually shock with the bromance and happy to see them kicking butt. it made the match look great. since usually they just look bad. i think some times they need change and look like they wanted a new holder for every title.but i wouldnt mind if the xdivsion title would of stay the same.also i didnt like how the ending were. they were almost all the same. i wonder if we see the end of parks, since the last time abyss came back it lasted like 2 weeks

  2. Roid Master says:

    It was only 4 titles that changed hands. They never defend the TV title. Get your facts straight JR.

  3. Matt says:

    Ross is extremely overrated. It’s just that the rest of the guys in the field of wrestling commentary are so bad that he looks brilliant compared to them. I was done with his crotchety old ass in 1999, think about how annoyed I have been trying to sit through him calling matches with his overused phrases and annoying voice. He also does not take any challenges, tries to coast through life, and lacks a backbone. How many years can an employer misuse you and disrespect you before you move on? For Ross, that answer is as many as they want.

  4. Matt says:

    Littlemike, Did you think of that brilliant one yourself? You would be a perfect replacement for Ross in the booth.

  5. DirkB says:

    I understand what JR means but it wasn't a bad thing.
    Did anybody really care about Storm and Gunner? The Bro-Mans shocked me, these guys are usually jobbing out quickly, I couldn't believe how long that match went or just how much offense they got in.

    The X match, while massively underwhelming (when was the last good Ultimate X?) the change made sense, not the ending anybody wanted but there's massive feud potential with the other 4 guys and Sabin.
    I seem to recall ladders were banned from Ultimate X, that was just dumb, Hardy looked very out of place too.

    Nobody can complain about Gail Kim winning, she's Gail Kim.

    AJ needed to win, TNA needed AJ to win, Bully retaining would have pissed off a LOT of people and really hurt TNA. TNA is getting too much negative attention to be pissing off the fans more than they need to.

  6. aos1982 says:

    Maybe the idea of 4 ppvs hasnt realy worked out.the build up seemed to long. The bound for glory series finished nearly a month ago i think the interest around the whole thing felt flat.Also it seems to have set up more fueds than end any
    I hope that the new tag champions are going to get pushed rather than comedy job outs theyve been doing for best part of a year (also does this make robbie E a triple crown champion tv title x division and now tag?)
    my hopes for the world title is aj walks out of the company with the title and takes it off on tour to japan/europe/mexico would be a great story,maybe tna sends guys to challnge aj in other promotions to bring the belt back

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