Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on May 2, 2014
Jim Ross Blogs – TNA Wrestling, Live Crowds, & More

Jim Ross Blogs – TNA Wrestling, Live Crowds, & More

In his latest blog post, Jim Ross spoke about TNA’s problems and his thoughts on how live crowds should react to wrestling crowds.

On live crowds: “Some thoughts on pro wrestling’s live audiences…..St. Louis wasn’t great for WWE Monday night and the lack of noise adversely affected the broadcast IMO. Here’s how I look at that matter: No one buys a not so cheap ticket, packs up the car,drives to the venue and parks to come in and have their mind made up to NOT make noise. The commitment to get to one’s seats is too great to come and act as if one is watching golf or tennis. The product that one sees before them is what is going to motivate a crowd to emotionally invest and to be loud and proud. The St Louis crowd, normally a very good wrestling crowd, apparently did not see enough to make the show sound special. There were moments but not enough of them over the three hour show.”

On TNA: “TNA had a PPV a week ago where the smaller crowd in a sound stage was embarrassingly quiet and provided little to no motivation for the talents some of which had excellent bouts. TNA is in an especially precarious position as they are in the closing months of their TV rights deal with Spike and have zero momentum or leverage with which to negotiate. Trying to save money by having the TV’s in the same venue more often than not in Orlando is the kiss of death. If the crowds that attend Impact events there don’t react to what they saw on the loaded, PPV card then they are unlikely to ‘pop’ for much of any thing. That makes the TV show sound uninspired and not ‘must see’ TV. It’s a good thing that Impact is going to do some of their tapings outside the Orlando sound stage going forward as that scenario is one designed for failure.”

On how stories should be told: “Perhaps the days of the ‘traditional’ pro wresting villains have left the building but I remain steadfast that there still must be heroes and villains in the conflicts played out in pro wrestling. I also realize that some fans who are defiant in nature simply like cheering for the “bad guys.” Nonetheless, the shades of gray booking is ill fated and neuters the audience emotionally in my view. Fans have to want one wrestler to win and the other to lose which lends to the definitive antagonist or protagonist philosophy.”

You can read Jim’s full blog by clicking here.

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