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Jim Ross Speaks On A Possible AJ Styles Debut In WWE, More

Jim Ross Speaks On A Possible AJ Styles Debut In WWE, More

The following are highlights of a new Busted Open Radio interview with Jim Ross:

Whether or not he regrets missing out on signing AJ Styles when he was in WWE: “I missed on him. He just started getting rolling and he was just starting on the WCW roster when the WWE bought out WCW. Our team missed on him. We could have hired him, but he did not have the skill set he has now. In hindsight, the right thing occurred. He got more experience and ended up in TNA. I would suggest that his long run in TNA is what kept him from getting hired. From talking to him, he would be a huge asset to anyones roster.”

His contract with WWE ending: “I look it at it a little differently. I’ll never be able to pay back the debt I owe to the wrestling fans since 1974. I’ve been on this amazing journey and the genre of wrestling/sports entertainment whatever you call it. The fans have invested in my work and they have invested in my BBQ sauce, followed me on Twitter, downloaded the podcast. I’m just very grateful. This hasn’t been a sad week. I had to go through a certain period of time from a legal standpoint to fulfill all of my obligations for WWE. I’m now completely out there. I’m not looking for work. There’s plenty to do. I’ve said it a bunch of times, coming to WWE in 1993 was the best career move I ever made. I don’t owe them money and they don’t owe me any. We’re done. I have no regrets. The only thing I would have liked differently was the 3 bells palsy attacks and have to constantly explain to people why I don’t smile. I’d like to be more HD friendly. I wouldn’t change a thing and a lot of things are on the horizon.”

His new interview with Sting & Sting in WWE: “We go all the way back to the mid 80s so we really started way back. I don’t go for the dirt immediately. I let it come out naturally. I can tell you, the funny thing is people don’t understand business. Just because he showed up at Comic Con doesn’t mean he has a contract with WWE. He’s got a contract with Mattel from what I understand. He has a contract with 2K. He has some sort of agreement with WWE to basically sell T-shirts, like a licensing/marketing deal. It’s not a traditional legends deal. Him being in San Diego means zero about him wrestling there. People are getting pissed at me because I’m telling the truth. Wrestling people are not supposed to always be honest, so I say to the best of my knowledge he doesn’t have a wrestler contract, so the lock on Sting being in the ring in some point in time with WWE is there is no lock. If you’re going to have Sting wrestle, book it right. If I was there I can book it in 30 minutes easy. He wrestles once. And if he wrestles once and he says “win lose or draw I’m done”. That match is at Wrestlemania because it takes everything full circle. He’s said he wants to wrestle one Wrestlemania before calling it quits. He doesn’t need to win the Royal Runble. He doesn’t need to come on Raw every Monday. That’s stupid. He could make them a lot of money. I believe that the guy has paid his dues and deserves his Wrestlemania moment.”

Why WWE hasn’t signed Sting yet and should they: “There’s no logical reason why they shouldn’t. He has no drug or alcohol issues. He is in good health. A lot of those younger kids grew up watching him. That’s how I got Shawn Michaels to come back from his hiatus. I said if you don’t want to wrestle, that’s fine. Come back and be a positive influence in the locker room with your born again Christian faith and your outlook on life and how you screwed up your life and fixed it. You would be a positive influence. That’s how Shawn Michaels came back to WWE. He came back to help the young guys, got the itch, and he was better than he ever was. Have Sting around people. Have him at PR functions. There’s a lot of big time players that were one time big wrestling fans. I find it amazing that they say to me ‘man I remember when you said this.’ and sometimes that gets them a gig or interview. Sting has been on national television for how many years without missing a beat. He’s been on TBS, he’s been on Impact, he has a name and has been on ongoing TV forever. Why wouldn’t you have that story and have that great story. I hear WWE supposedly has 30 writers. If you tell me that 30 writers can’t come up with a storyline that would appeal to Vince McMahon, I’m sorry that they’re in that condition, a company that I have been and forever loyal to and a company I feel like I contributed a little bit back in the day when we were almost out of business in the mid 90s. Sing is in great shape. He goes to the gym. He doesn’t drink or smoke. Would you bring him back long term? No. But for one big match as part of an ensemble cast.”

Whether or not Sting has to wrestle for WWE to cement his legacy: “No. I think he wants to do it as a personal goal. When I was trying to hire him after WCW closed, he was owed so much money by Time Warner he would have been foolish to have come worked for us. I feel like he should be in the WWE Hall Of Fame even if he doesn’t wrestle a match. If the WWE is what they say they are, they are the gatekeepers for the business now. You shouldn’t have a 20 year career in the WWE to qualify, and when he goes in you should maximize that chance.”

A Sting vs. The Undertaker dream match: “As it’s working out now, that dream match with the Undertaker doesn’t exist anymore. A match with Undertaker was to try and beat the streak, so that mystique is over. That whole attraction of Undertakers streak is now a DVD. It’s over. You can’t replicate that. Stings opponent could be a lot of things. It could be a hot shot heel. I’m not big on him having to win his last match. If he wins, great. If he doesn’t, well as far as I know him, he could care less. Him winning his last match isn’t the issue. Him building up his last match, him being a part of the program, the promotion, the hype and finally being able to have that entrance and performing at Wrestlemania, that’s the end game. Maybe you could have that match with Undertaker and have that be a one off where both of them retire and go out guns blazing. ‘You were the guy up here (WWE) I was the guy down there (WCW) I just want to know who was best’. No returns, no returns, no appearance on Raw the night after, that’s it. I think they can have a great presentation. On the other side, you could have a hot young heel like Seth Rollins for example. Have him take a beating from Sting and have Rollins go over in the end. There’s so many ways to go about this, but bottom line is he deserves the opportunity. Austins not going to be there to wrestle. I highly doubt The Rock will be, so what are you gonna do?”

The Undertaker’s Streak ending: “If you listen to my podcast, Shawn Michaels explains the whole story. The decision was made 4 hours before Wrestlemania started by Vince McMahon after sitting down and talking to Undertaker. I’m thinking it was to promote the network, which is the be all end all to WWE right now. They need to get subscribers.”

Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena: “I do fantasy booking on my podcast. Brock Lesnar is going to win the title at Summerslam. He’s going to be put into beast mode until April. At the Royal Rumble Roman Reigns will win the Rumble and Lesnar will pass the torch to Reigns at Wrestlemania. Reigns isn’t ready now. He needs to be protected now and the producers on the road have to work with him and coach him up. He has to be ready in April. He’s good enough now to win the Royal Rumble. I think that Lesnar is in beast mode and is not touched until April. He has to be booked like a heel but when he is working with Cena, there is going to be a tremendous amount of people cheering for Brock Lesnar. You can’t have that trend continue. He has to be a heel. You don’t want him going into Wrestlemania 31 as a face. That’s what I would do and I don’t care if wrestling fans are like ‘that’s predictable. I won’t watch!’ Yes you will.”

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12 Responses to “Jim Ross Speaks On A Possible AJ Styles Debut In WWE, More”

  1. Cezar_TheScribe says:

    The WWE wouldn't know what to do with AJ Styles.

    • OldManEaston says:

      People said the same thing about Bryan Danielson and CM Punk, and they did quite well for themselves in WWE.

      • Cezar_TheScribe says:

        Where are those two now… 😉

        • OldManEaston says:

          Where are they now? Well CM Punk is so rich that he doesn't have to wrestle if he doesn't want to and Daniel Bryan makes about twice in WWE what AJ Styles does in New Japan and ROH.

          • JoeWrestling says:

            So apparently WWE didn't know what to do with them. They should have paid them less in hindsight?

          • OldManEaston says:

            Being booked as World Heavyweight champions in top programs in the largest promotion in the world, while allowing them to get hugely over, and make a sh*t load of money is not knowing what to do with them? Just because some fans are never 100% satisfied with how their favorite wrestlers have been booked doesn't change the fact that these guys have had VERY GOOD careers with WWE. They could have been booked 100% perfectly (which never happens) in TNA and the impact would have been minuscule on their careers, compared to what it was in WWE. Think about that.

      • Cezar_TheScribe says:

        Where are those two now… 😉

  2. seabee44 says:

    aj should return to TNA after they establish more TNA stars for him to wrestle

    • OldManEaston says:

      He's making more money now than he was in TNA. It would be a step backwards in his career.

      • seabee44 says:

        he's also working harder flying more and probably not seeing his family as much….but its the price you pay

      • Dick C. Carter says:

        If TNA were ever interested in approaching AJ to resign, they would more or less HAVE to offer him a proper contract. The fact that he has been able to do so outside of TNA only makes him that more valuable.

  3. wwehater says:

    I wish they would tell JR to stop coming on this website (TNA). He is pro WWE!

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