Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Apr 9, 2017
Joe Koff: ‘Reports Of WWE Buying ROH Were A Non-Story!’

Joe Koff: ‘Reports Of WWE Buying ROH Were A Non-Story!’

Ring of Honor COO Joe Koff spoke with The Baltimore Sun for a new interview. The highlights are below:

On reports that WWE was looking at buying ROH: “It was not a story. It was not a story when it came out. I think people want to make a story out of nothing. I’m very open in conversations with very many different wrestling promotions. And I think sometimes because I don’t share a lot of stuff, we’re very private about what we do. I think it raises speculation. I think this thing with the WWE really started because we were in conversations about content for Kevin Owens’ DVD. There was a lot of back and forth between the two companies. I think that was the seed that drove that story.”

On ROH’s roster turnover: “I think we currently have a fluid and a dynamic group. There’s a lot of egos involved in wrestling. There’s a lot of very young people in there. Young people have the same issues no matter what career they’re in. Sometimes they don’t have the patience, sometimes they don’t want to wait. Sometimes they think it’s better to do other things now in hope that they can advance their career. That will always be the case. So yes, it probably could end up being a good thing.”

On a potential new cable television deal: “It would be ideal. What the national cable channel allows me is to give the fans one point of destination for the entire country. But, we haven’t had Destination America in almost two years. Our company has never been stronger. I think our fans know how to find Ring of Honor. It’s readily available over the air television, it’s certainly available through our website. There isn’t anyone in the world who can’t get our weekly program if they want to. The weekly cable national distribution point would make it easier to get there. But, saying that, people in Columbus Ohio, know when it runs weekly. We’re a local broadcasting company. We’re much more concerned with our local market than necessarily going after the other. The other was nice. I would want it again. It’s something that I continually work on.”

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