Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Apr 4, 2014
John Gaburick Speaks On Jarrett, Creative, Spike, Sting

John Gaburick Speaks On Jarrett, Creative, Spike, Sting

TNA has posted a video with Jeremy Borash interviewing John Gaburick. The questions were sent in by fans on twitter. Gaburick talks about bringing in younger talent and mixing them in with some experienced veterans. He says that this is the right “first step.”

Some notes: He says that the company gave him a fair offer and AJ Styles chose to go elsewhere. He said that it was an honor and a privilege to work with Sting and said that although his contract moved on he would welcome him back with open arms. He said that they gave him an opportunity on the production side but Jesse had the “wrestling bug” and they could not allow him in the ring until doctors said it was ok.

Gaburick said that we will see the 6-sided ring in TNA. He did not say when. He also said that the locker room morale is “outstanding”. Funny, because that’s not what the talents would say privately.

He also said that while Jeff Jarrett is not involved in day to day operations, Jarrett is still an owner and wished Jeff the best.

Gaburick praised writers Dave Lagana and Matt Conway. He said that the buck does stop with him and said that there are consultants that help out and he gets input from other people in the company. He did not say Vince Russo but it’s been rumored that Russo has been consulting from home.

He talked about the TNA live events and said that before the events they have a one hour fist-pumping party hosted by Robbie E and Rockstar Spud.

He addressed Spike TV and said that they are fantastic to work with and hopes to continue the partnership long into the future. Unfortunately he did not address the status of the current deal that expires this year.

Borash wanted to get Gaburick on again for more questions but he declined and said this is a “one and done” interview.

You can watch the interview below.

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13 Responses to “John Gaburick Speaks On Jarrett, Creative, Spike, Sting”

  1. tna4life says:

    Nice move TNA to just put it out there and take away from the “Dirt Sheets” nonsense . I can’t lie I still miss AJ Styles however I like what TNA is doing. I like the direction they(TNA) is going in, I hope the six sided ring comes back for Special PPV. I still feel the X-Division is the most under utilized, when A Double was in the X division it was hot!( before he became the WHC) Now the X-Division lacks true heels or faces for that matter and it’s own storylines.

  2. Beezy_Does_It says:

    Fuck TNA! This Q&A was bullsh*t!!!!!! Don't tell people to submit questions to be answered and all your going to do is post a pre taped video with JB and Big John only answering 5 questions and they were probably 5 imaginary made up questions geared around popular rumor topics at that.

    • tna4life says:

      I understand your point however let’s be logical. We don’t all the questions that were sent in, an if so there are going to be several topics that the majority want answered. So the only logical way to approach it is to answer the questions that were asked by the vast majority of the fans. Those were the topics that the majority of the fans wanted to know about. I like what TNA is doing also can’t wait to see what Double J is doing as well, in my mind it’s going to help the product( wrestling) and build intrest and also help other wrestlers as well.

      • TheFurnitureom says:

        You may want to go the official site, Dixie does a twitter Q&A where she answers most things thrown her way from opinions on ROH talent to negative opinions on her own decisions. TNA is very open with Impact 365, podcasts, twitter Q&A's and kayfabe storylines, you'll miss if it ever goes.

    • Pippin says:

      Okay, here we go:

      1. Before sh*tting on TNA, calling the Q&A bullsh*t and proclaiming "**** TNA!" you should actually watch the Q&A first. Whenever people bash something without actually seeing it, they publicly say farewell to any credability they may have had. You have just done this, well done.

      2. It was not a pre taped video, this would be obvious if you actually watched the video.

      3. They did not only answer 5 questions, you're not even close with that figure. Your claim that they did is laughable. I take it you got the 5 figure from this article, even though they state before they posted those answers that these are just "some notes".

      4. They were not imaginary made up questions. This is an incredibly stupid statement and if you did even 1 tiny bit of research before deciding and proclaiming that they're made up and imaginary you'll have seen on twitter & facebook under #askbig the questions posted by real people and those very questions answered in this very Q&A. Not to mention in the Q&A video they actually name the people who asked questions they're answering, so you could easily look them up on twitter & facebook and see they're real, they really asked the question and that this is not made up or imaginary and could not have been pre-taped.

      5. Your comment that the questions were geared around popular rumour topics is actually very, very funny (and dumb) as the questions you're refering to are the ones selected by this site to post as they're the ones most people are interested in, the reason why is because there is a lot of news, rumours & stories surrounding them. If you'd just chosen to engage your brain before diving straight into a very, very poorly informed, ignorant and basically blind hate session towards TNA you'd have known this. All you've managed to achieve is a post of pure uninformed, blind hate that takes away your credability, congratulations!

  3. Pippin says:

    My mistake, I thought you were just demonstrating blind hate, but in fact you're actually just stupid, thanks for clearing that up.

    1. If you did watch the Q&A then the comments you made in your first post make zero sense. How anybody can watch a Q&A where over 20 questions are answered and claim there was only 5 is beyond me, that's specialist levels of stupidity right there.

    2. You're now claiming this wasn't a Q&A….stupid! People asked questions and Big John answered them….that's a Q&A.

    3. It clearly wasn't pre-taped as I already explained, your continued insistance that it was only further proves your stupidity. The fact you can easily find out for certain that it wasn't pre-taped just by watching the video, noting the names of the twiiter users and looking them up and see that they did post the question at #askbig and that you're continue to refuse to do this and ignore it is stupid.

    4. You are far off with 5, if you really had watched the video you'd see that there were at least 20 questions asked. Stupid. J.B asked them as they were asked by numerous people on the Q&A, as I have explained twice now, you can see this for yourself if you bothered to check things before you delve into a dreadfully uninformed rant and make yourself look incredibly foolish.

    5. Now you're claiming there isn't even 5 answers in this article. When clearly this is actually a problem of you not being able to count. Stupid. The fact you them say I've lost credability and am a "jobroni!!!" (seriously, how old are you 12!?) because there "isn't even 5 mentioned in the article" is incredibly stupid. Try reading the article and counting, remember it goes 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and 10.

  4. Pippin says:

    6. So if some people don't ask question you deem to be "good" that therefore means TNA has "imagined" and "made up" the questions!? Stupid.

    7. And again you go back to saying it was pre-taped. Stupid. There was a set time in which one can submit the questions to #askbig and that was just before Impact Wrestling. Stupid. Again, if you bothered to check things before you continually make such uninformed and ignorant claims and present them as facts repeatedly, you'll have seen exactly when these people asked these questions. Stupid.

  5. Pippin says:

    8. Telling other posters not to concern themselves with your posts is incredibly childish. You posted a comment in a public forum with strong and very, very uninformed claims and now somebody has challenged you on them (as is the point of a forum and the point of posting) they're not to concern themselves with you? Stupid.

    9. "Your claims of my post being purely uninformed is a very very hilarious, dumb and stupid observation on your part." That, that is the single stupidest thing you've written thus far, which takes some doing considering all the above stupidity in your two posts. Your post is uninformed and I have explained and proved why numerous times now. Copying exactly what I said about your ignorant comments and then throwing it back at me without rhyme or reason other than that I actually engaged you in debate on a public forum you posted a public comment on is sheer petulance and only goes to show other readers of how pathetic, stupid and how lacking in any sense of creativity or independant thought you are, which also explains why you're still unable to check the facts before you insist on something being pre-taped when it is very easily proved not to be the case.

  6. wwehater says:

    I know TNA is in trouble and that is disappointing. I hope they
    can turn things around. They need a backer that is willing to spend
    $ with no problem. I just hope they can get a contract from Spike or
    some network! Good luck TNA hope this organization can turn it around!!!!!!!!!!

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