Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Sep 28, 2012
Jose Canseco Now Wants To Go To WWE …. Or TNA

Jose Canseco Now Wants To Go To WWE …. Or TNA

Former Major League Baseball slugger Jose Canseco is interested in appearing as a Social Media Ambassador for WWE. He noted Tuesday via Twitter, “Maybe I should be @wwe social ambassador. I’m better than Larry king. I’m definitely better than the @the_ironsheik.”

Canseco also recently tweeted to TNA President Dixie Carter, “Still waiting for Bruce Prichard’s phone call. I’m ready.”

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7 Responses to “Jose Canseco Now Wants To Go To WWE …. Or TNA”

  1. DJBIGCG says:

    I wonder which one would take you jose out of wwe or tna

  2. tnadude says:

    Didn't he get knocked out by a 60 year old?

  3. Pipboy86 says:

    Jose Canseco is like jock itch, he just won't go away.

    • Pippin0490 says:

      I see him as more of a rash that won't go away. He's so irritating there are things he can teach to tropical skin diseases!

  4. IW4EVA says:

    I hope TNA dont get tempted into hiring him ,, they already have a few non performing assets already

  5. Real Deal Heel says:

    Let's hope King Mo knocks his ass out.

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