Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Oct 11, 2013
Ken Shamrock: ‘I’ve Been Blackballed From Wrestling’

Ken Shamrock: ‘I’ve Been Blackballed From Wrestling’

During a recent interview, Ken Shamrock spoke about a desire to return to wrestling and the feeling that he’s been blackballed in the business. Here is what he had to say…

“There are certain people that don’t want to see me back [in WWE] … I’ve been begging for somebody to give me an explanation why I’m not being considered to at least be a part of the Hall of Fame party, or get invited to some of the events that are going on. I’ve been pretty much blackballed, and I don’t know why. I don’t think I have any enemies, except Hunter – I didn’t think we didn’t get along, but I know we rubbed shoulders the wrong way. Maybe there’s jealousy, I don’t know. I would really love to come back and get that shot at the title.

TNA. I didn’t have the time I needed to spend to work there. Now I have that time and I’m in great shape … I don’t have to worry about trimming my size down for fighting. I’m pretty much open to get back into pro wrestling, I just need somebody to give me an opportunity.”

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15 Responses to “Ken Shamrock: ‘I’ve Been Blackballed From Wrestling’”

  1. dilligaf2010 says:

    in thinking about that…Ken was the first NWA-TNA champion…how come he's never mentioned in any of TNA's nostalgia video packages?

    • Philly_Cheese says:

      He was only once or twice, the problem is when he did that very little was done as far as TV goes. The video they have regarding him isn't very good.

      • godoftna says:

        Still, he should be inducted into TNA's Hall of Fame. TNA should really open up their inductions and not just do one person per year. The next "class" should include Jeff Jarret, Ken Shamrock, and Malice(post humous).

        • Bigmike885 says:

          no..they shouldn't..they've only been around a decade..if they want to make a legit HOF they need to keep it exclusive (I don't even think Angle should be in there yet, but that's just me). Shamrock shouldn't be in any kind of wrestling HOF (MMA yes..wrestling no)

          • godoftna says:

            That's my point though.. They HAVE been around for a decade, which means they have 10 years of history to draw from. Now I'm not saying they should induct anyone and everyone who's ever worked for them or made an appearance, but there are plenty of people who do deserve to go in, Shamrock being one of them. While his contributions to pro wrestling ARE minimal, he was the 1st ever NWA/TNA champion, and as such, deserves induction.

          • Peckar says:

            Then what? After five years there would be no one to induct. One a year is just fine and can be done at BFG in an angle every year. Putting ANgle in this year after his fourth DUI is just plain stupid. How can anyone learn anything if you continue to reward them for shit behaviour.

      • fritiz1 says:

        What? He won title on PPV and every match he every had was taped for TV. The video is just fine and can be found fairly easily on-line. The reason is TNA likes to pick and choose what they promote from their past. Putting the title on Ken was a hot shot move they made when Randy Savage backed out on them at the last minute and they want to keep the memory buried.

  2. mrthefanboy says:

    I would love to see Shamrock make a return to Wrestling,WWE or TNA.

  3. godoftna says:

    I saw Ken on last night's Frank Shamrock show, and he looks like hell. Still, with Rampage and Tito "in" TNA, Ken could be a solid addition. Pit Rampage against Tito at some point down the road with Shamrock as special guest referee, and then maybe have him work as a trainer for TNA at OVW with occasional appearances on IMPACT as a wrestler or referee.

  4. Roid Master says:

    He was a disappointing NWA-TNA champion. He kind of comes off as though the industry owes him something.

  5. Real Deal Heel says:

    Dude is a legend in MMA and had his moments in WWE. I see no prob letting him come back in some role w/ TNA esp with the MMA stuff with Ortiz and Rampage…..but as far as him getting a title…WTF is he smoking? LMAO!

  6. annil8or4321 says:

    creepy little guy

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