Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Feb 16, 2013
Kevin Nash Gives A Good Update On Scott Hall

Kevin Nash Gives A Good Update On Scott Hall

Kevin Nash updated his Twitter account with the following posts in regards to Scott Hall’s health, recovery, and working with DDP. On Friday, Nash had expressed that Hall would finally get healthy when he wants to and sounded skeptical about Hall entering DDP’s Accountability House:

“Talked to Scott today 4 over an hour, best he’s been in 15 years.Thur detox and on to DDP. If anyone can take Scott 2 the next level it’s him”

“Really don’t give a f*** what marks think, just want what’s best for Scott.Talked To DDP tonight feel were all on the same page.”

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25 Responses to “Kevin Nash Gives A Good Update On Scott Hall”

  1. Tiffanydude says:

    Looks like Scott made the right choice, Wish you the best Bad Guy!

    • Philly_Cheese says:

      We'll see about that… Simply put with addiction those first steps he made are the easiest part of it. Addiction is something that's a life-long battle, once he can manage to make it past the one year mark without relapse, then he should be where he needs to be.

  2. Mr. Excitement says:

    Scott Hall will feel – the – BANG!!!

  3. TNArocks says:

    I don't like either of them but I hope Kevin Nash butts out and lets Scott Hall get the help he desperately needs

    • Philly_Cheese says:

      He simply got in touch to see how his friend was doing… Nothing more, nothing less… Fact is he posted that on twitter because people wouldn't stop messaging him about it.

  4. koysortna1 says:

    I wish dixie just let Xpac,Scott Hall, and nash stay in TNA, then they would of stayed clean, and they my uncle would start watching wrestling again, i can say "hey uncle jack look its WCW" Then he will pay 100's of dollars and take me to a TNA show

    • Bigmike885 says:

      what the hell are you talking about?..Hall was messed up both times he was in TNA..just like he was when he was in WWE, WCW, TNA, WWE again, TNA again..he's been messed up for over 20 years..its great he's getting clean, but its great for him, its not great for you so you can get your uncle to take you to a TNA show..and BTW why would you pay 100s of dollars to can get to a TNA show dirt cheep.

    • Philly_Cheese says:

      I'm he was booted from TNA because he couldn't stay clean. He got wasted and caused a scene and got himself arrested. TNA saw him as a potential liability and released him because of it.

    • tnadude says:

      You're kidding, right? I mean, wrestling messed those guys up to begin with…

      That IS a joke, right?

      • Bigmike885 says:

        No..they made the choice to take wrestling a rough living..yes..but NOBODY made them start doing whatever it is they do…addiction IS a disiese, but the choice to start is their own and nobody elses..There are plenty of guys/gals who have wrestled for years who didnt take drugs or drink themselfs stupid..

        • tnadude says:

          Yeah, I can see how that came off incorrectly. My point is that the wrestling lifestyle was the catalyst. Completely agree they screwed up and made their own choices. Just saying that a return to the wrestling lifestyle would be a collosally stupid decision for them to make. They clearly can't handle the pressure of the road, so why suggest doing it again?

  5. 2blackbelts says:

    Kevin has stood by Scott through thick and thin. I know personally if it wasn't for Kevin, Scott probably wouldn't be around today. I've known both guys for decades, and they are good people..

    2 bb

  6. SammartinoJC says:

    Kevin is a know it all A hole who got lucky leaching onto guys who know there stuff like Hall and Michaels. If your such good buddies tells Nash to stay off twitter telling everyone about Halls personal problems..

    • tnadude says:

      ^^^^ BINGO ^^^^

      Might I add Nash was never that good either…

    • Jake says:

      Actually, you are the asshole here. If you actually read the article, you’d notice he only posted that on twitter because the Marks wouldn’t stop bugging him.

      Go troll somewhere else.

  7. Real Deal Heel says:

    As much fun as it would be to hang out and have a beer/hear stories from the Bad Guy…I'd trade it in if he got clean for a minute so he could live. DDP seems to have a good program.

  8. imdiym says:

    DDP is a real class act

  9. 2blackbelts says:

    Holy cow, I never realized there were so many Keyboard Kommandos here. I wonder how many of you would actually make your comments face to face with Kevin, or any pro wrestler you bash.

    I have had nothing but years of freindship with Kevin, and many other pros as well If some of you were actually on the inside of pro wrestling, I guarantee you would see many things differently such as the polictics, the injuries, the friendships, and many other things as well.

    I feel blessed that I have over 20 years in the game, and I've seen the good, the bad and the ugly.

    2 bb .

    • tnadude says:

      I'm assuming you're calling me out here since I asked you to pass along a message.

      In fact, I'm more than happy to sit down and have a nice discussion with him. Like most people, I'd prefer not to insult the man. But I'm more than willing to tell him that Scott made the WolfPac and Hogan made the nWo. I believe I can say it nicely, and it's true, so why wouldn't I? And I'd be happy to list 15-20 guys (maybe more) who were more entertaining.

      It doesn't mean Kevin was useless. But he really wasn't as good as his billing. And again, I can say that nicely and it's true, so why wouldn't I?

      • annil8or4321 says:

        is it really true or is that your opinion? i happen to like nash im not defending him or chastizing you i just like to know the facts

        • tnadude says:

          That's a fair question, actually.

          But yes – it's a fact, not just an opinion. I was around for the formation. I was in the areas. I talked to the fans. Like I said – people liked Kevin. But only because he was WITH Scott & Hulk. Hulk's achievements speak for themselves, so I'll concentrate on Scott.

          The "pop" for the Outsiders / WolfPac always came when Scott said "HEY YO!".

          Then, Scott said: "Are you here to see WCW? OR are you here to see the N W O!!!". And the crowd roared. Never – and I really mean that – never – did Kevin get any kind of pop like that. Check youtube if you don't believe me.

          And Scott got it every time out. Without Scott, the Outsiders would not have been over at all.

          Does that mean Kev's a failure? Absolutely not. But, there are a good 15 – 20 guys that went out on their own and got better crowd reactions. WCW at the time had the most talented roster ever. Guys like DDP, Goldberg, Hogan, and Sting headlined constantly. Mid-card guys like Mysterio, Jericho, Dean Malenko & Chris Benoit got oos and ahhs for their performances in the ring. Heck, Raven's flock was great all by itself.

          And I'm just tipping the iceberg here. I've missed guys like Flair, Luger, Savage, Giant, and "the chosen one", Jeff Jarrett. All of whom got incredibly popular without riding a guy like Scott Hall.

          Could Nash have stood on his own higher than some of these guys? With his size, it's possible that he could have gotten past Malenko, & Benoit at the time. Of course, since WCW, those guys had better careers than Nash did, so it's still debatable.

          Again – Nash was an important cog. I'm not trying to diss him (although I guess I did). I'm just saying that those guys did it on their own, and had a major fan base.

          Nash is just best known as Hall's other half.

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