Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Dec 2, 2016
Kevin Nash: ‘The Oz Gimmick Was Over In Japan!’ (Audio)

Kevin Nash: ‘The Oz Gimmick Was Over In Japan!’ (Audio)

Kevin Nash was the guest on this week’s Bischoff on Wrestling podcast, which you can listen to below. During the appearance, Nash talked about his infamous Oz gimmick and how it was a disaster in WCW but when he went to New Japan, the fans loved it.

“I’m one of those guys that can say what I want to honestly about the character but the part of the story I never tell is how WCW went ahead and sent Oz to New Japan,” Nash said. “My first night over there I’m going to wrestle Hashimoto in the Osaka Dome. So they bring us down during the day time. They kind of walk me through this entrance and I’m on like a platform that’s going to rise through some smoke. I am going to the ring first and the night of they hit these green lasers and the smoke machine. Slowly with these lasers bouncing off everywhere, the smoke machine and this kind of cool techno music. They slowly raise me and the tip of my dunce hat comes out and as I come up I hear them all saying, ‘Oz-a! Oz-a! Oz-a!’ I’m like, ‘What are they saying?’ Finally I realized they are saying, ‘Oz! Oz! Oz!’ ‘Oh my God! This thing is over here!’ It was.”

He continued, “Remember when we were in that bar in Osaka and they had Liger’s mask and the Oz mask in that glass case?…We were drinking in that bar and you [Bischoff] said, ‘You want it?’ I said, ‘No! Oh God no! Let’s just leave it there! If somebody has this thing next to a Liger mask leave it.’”

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