Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Aug 16, 2013
Kevin Nash Tweets On TNA iMPACT! – Details

Kevin Nash Tweets On TNA iMPACT! – Details

Kevin Nash posted the following on Twitter, once again discussing TNA…

The drink tossed in the first match on Impact was as close to hitting me than Jeff.Great match one huge missed detail…50 bumps 4 nothing
— Kevin Nash (@RealKevinNash) August 16, 2013

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23 Responses to “Kevin Nash Tweets On TNA iMPACT! – Details”

  1. Mr. Excitement says:

    I have to agree with him.

  2. IMPACT Dude says:

    freak off Nash,,

  3. tnadude says:

    Coming from a guy who only knew 5 spots…

  4. purpleurkel says:

    Jealousy is a

  5. RavenNevermore says:

    Nash is a jealous moron.the most overrated wrestler of alltime. Even Censorship and Hogan use. Used more moves than him.

  6. BK_Decker says:

    So Kaz missed the drink…so what, didn't Kaz hit Hardy with the glass anyway

  7. Listentna says:

    So hes saying they had more bumps in one match then he had in his whole career.

  8. Listentna says:

    Dear nash, stop talking shit like a little bitch.

    P.s. please insert favorite quad joke here.

  9. soyfenomenal says:

    The drink hit Hardy…you can see it dripping from his hair before it falls.

    • jbcissom says:

      Thing is… I'm not a 'tini drinker… but that stuff looked thick… like anti-freeze thick.

    • Carlos Flores says:

      Don’t know what Nash saw, but the appletini clearly hit Hardy. Not that it really matters because it was a good match. It’s almost like there is a deliberate smear campaign towards TNA. No one ever acknowledges the good, but they sure do scrutinize the bad. If you don’t like it; don’t watch it.

  10. Sturk says:

    I hate twitter as far as wrestling is concerned because ppl knit pick apart every small detail. They make wrestling impossible to enjoy.

  11. nate says:

    The Main Event was weak! The other matches were good!

  12. andy3323 says:

    Somebody list me 5 big bumps Nash took in his whole career. I am having a hard time thinking of any.

  13. Bruce says:

    Fuck Nash!!!

  14. JoeWrestling says:

    You expect guys drinking alcohol all ***ht to have good aim? They got the job done obviously, so what exactly is to criticize? Just sit around and wait for your text from HHH on when to run in. Why are you even watching TNA since you are WWE for life? Go watch your WWE and enjoy spending your day trying to plug the holes in them storylines. Maybe you can get a job as the towel boy at the WWE training center.

  15. Bigmike885 says:

    do you guys even get what he was saying? He was saying that a match that was that brutal should have had some meaning to it (ie a title..or at least a title shot)…which he is correct in saying

  16. Blood Runs Cold says:

    This coming from the guy who took the “Finger poke of doom” dive to lose the world title to Hogan to re-join the nWo red white & black???

  17. Real Deal Heel says:

    I used to like Nash…but damn does this guy have more colors than a peacock. Watch Nash get fired from WWE or released in a few months and come back to TNA talking shit on WWE. Damn boy.

  18. greg says:

    keven nash are you coming back to tna

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