Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Feb 2, 2013
Kid Kash Confirms TNA Departure – Details

Kid Kash Confirms TNA Departure – Details

After denying a previous report that he was released from TNA, Kid Kash has confirmed his departure on Twitter.

He wrote: “As of today I’m no Longer with TNA Wrestling. I’m available for all worldwide bookings. Contact me on twitter or @pwabookings for info.”

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16 Responses to “Kid Kash Confirms TNA Departure – Details”

  1. koysortna1 says:

    Kid Kash made the x division, sad his gone, he was one of the guys who were in TNA since day 1.

  2. Treck says:

    Without a doubt he did help the x division become exciting I will say that BUT lately I have not been impressed with him and would rather see someone like sonjay dut back in tna I mean RVD is slowing it down. I wish they could sign some indy guys. I would say sign Teddy Hart but his attitude helps him burn bridges in the states. Then avangard Kash could be in aces and eights and this is all a work. Super Dragon would be a great choice in TNA!

    • Philly_Cheese says:

      Well Kash wasn't there to be a wrestler, it seemed he was there to help out people in the x division. Lately though it doesn't seem like any people who are being placed into the x division need his help. People like Kenny King and York are already at their top and don't need to improve much.

  3. dcxboxx says:

    hope he works extreme risings mania weekend shows. would be awesome to see kid kash vs rey misterio mania weekend for extreme risng in philly or nyc

  4. tna24 says:

    he will be miss, but tna hardly use him.

  5. SageStinger says:

    Sad Kash is gone, but maybe they can bring in someone else. Maybe Petey…

  6. Real Deal Heel says:

    F ya dude..Petey was a great tag and individual wrestler, man. I wouldn't mind seeing him again. Kash was great tho.

  7. Dirk1n says:

    I don't understand this one, I know he's not exactly been on a winning streak but he was the "tough guy" of the X division and always seemed a credible threat anytime he was in the ring, plus he pretty much made Jesse Sorenson during their feud.
    I wonder if this has anything to do with King Mo being the crossover MMA/Wrestling guy, Kash was doing the same thing, so was Bobby Lashley and he got released for doing it.

  8. Warrior_86 says:

    Kash & Gunner should've been an official tag team in an ailing division.

  9. Herr_Odditus says:

    It could still be a work, but its a little less likely now I think.

  10. purpleurkel says:

    Devon said the same thing.

  11. mrjdjr says:

    We'll see this same post in about 2 weeks. The dambasses that run this site just don't pay attention.

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