Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Feb 26, 2013
King Mo Discusses His KO Loss At Bellator 90

King Mo Discusses His KO Loss At Bellator 90

King Mo recently discussed his thoughts on his KO loss at Bellator 90. Here is what he had to say…

“I didn’t even see the shot,” King Mo said. “A lot of people saying that I was fighting cocky and with my hands down, but if you watch it, when he missed with his right hand, I threw a right hand and then he came with the spinning backfist. So, he kind of caught me in the act of punching, but no excuses, I’m good, and I will be back and hopefully I get to fight him again in the future. It was the first time I had been knocked out, and the good thing is I came back quick. When I saw the ref standing over me, I just said, “damn!””

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12 Responses to “King Mo Discusses His KO Loss At Bellator 90”

  1. Bat says:

    I like Mo, a lot of class. He’s a bit cocky but you have to be in his profession.

  2. tnadude says:

    The image of him falling face-first to the canvas in slow motion is something I'll remember forever.

  3. Mr. Excitement says:

    "but no excuses, I’m good, and I will be back"

    You'll be good.. Until you lose again.

  4. Treck says:

    King Mo eating egg. Love it! Tna should make him a heel.

  5. purpleurkel says:

    "excuses, excuses, but no excuses"

  6. andy3323 says:

    Wow, you'd think he was the first MMA fighter to get knocked out based on comments on here. Aren't many MMA fighters who don't get knocked out at some point in their career.

    • ariesstormjoe says:

      thats how i read some too.

      i think a lot are against mma wrestling crossover. i personally am for it. more should do it. if they could find a talented woman great.

      also think some were just begging him to fail cos they arent so much into mma. from watching his fights tho hes a talented fighter and will be champion of the light heavy division hes got his work cut out but he seems a determined individual.

  7. Big t mass says:

    Lets see he did put his hands down so he got caught and he may be a fighter but a little humbleness goes a long ways

  8. whatsup121 says:

    did everyone forget that Brock Lesner got KNFO by a little Mexican Guy

    • LAwrestling112 says:

      A little mexican? are you kidding me?- Heres a rule for this site, if you have no ****ing clue about anything related to mma or the ufc, then stfu. brock got his ass beat by a legitimately dangerous fighter with the same wrestling backgroud and credentials, same size, but quicker and more devastating.. Cain Velasquez- little mexican lmao? yeah ok.. he lost the belt, fought his way back into contention and just beat the guys ass to regain his title. I do not agree with the negative comments regarding king mo either from most people on here. The truth is he's an up and coming fighter that TNA took a huge risk on, and he got KO'd with no championship credibility in a 2 nd rate MMA promotion that is by far inferior to the UFC..Brock Lesnar legitamately was the UFC heavywieght champion and will always have that legit cred over anyone in wwe and in pro wrestling for that matter…thats the difference. So NO- no one forgot he lost to Velasquez and KOd by Overeem-they just also remember that he was CHAMPION at some pt

      • whatsup121 says:

        Just cause your in the same weight class as someone doesn't mean your the exact same height I didn't say anything bad about the fighter just that anyone can be knocked out in mmaSent from my iPhone

  9. adam smoke says:

    Hes a moron stay away from tna u pigeon….. Stfu and get ko*d again haha

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