Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Feb 22, 2013
King Mo Gets KTFO! – Details Inside

King Mo Gets KTFO! – Details Inside

At Thursday night’s Bellator 90 event, TNA star King Mo lost via first round KO to Emanuel Baker. The fight was a light heavyweight tournament semifinal bout. Mo signed with Bellator MMA and TNA Wrestling back in May of 2012, with the hopes that he would be a cross over star for the Spike TV shows.

Here is a recap of the fight…

Light Heavyweight Semifinal Bout: Muhammed Lawal (204.3) vs. Emanuel Newton (204.8)

ROUND ONE: I would like to point out that Newton walked out to a song off the new Hatebreed album #TIMETOMURDERIT. Now then, the fighters trade in the center of the cage. Newton jabs. Newton is throw a lot of quick jabs. Big hook from Mo. Head kick from Newton. Mo responds with a quick combo. Newton is scoring due to his quickness. Mo rushes in and is caught. Mo steps in and OH MY GOD!!! Spinning back fist just FUCKING KO’ED KING MO! HARDCORE FOR LIFE!!! Another candidate for KO of the year!

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Emanuel Newton by KTFO at 2:35 of round 1.

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12 Responses to “King Mo Gets KTFO! – Details Inside”

  1. soyfenomenal says:


  2. dcxboxx says:

    well thats a failed investment in a crossover fighter. it would be different if he was a winner

  3. DJBIGCG says:

    So king mo was suppose to be the big and bad guy they got from mma to tna, and he gets dropped in round one. To funny

  4. Mr. Excitement says:

    HAHAHAHA… Let the good times roll!

  5. Kyle says:

    I’m assuming he won atleast a fight or two since he was in the semifinals of the tournie. You guys should rember that everyone loses sometimes. Hell I remember Brock Lesners’ first match that he got tapped out at 1:30 in the first round(i wasn’t comparing the two, just pointing out people lose). King Mo’s recorded was 9-2-1, so he’s not doing that bad.

  6. ariesstormjoe says:

    ppl that didnt watch the fight clearly didnt watch it.

    he was a bit unlucky cos the guy did a a spinning back hand. mo did rush in. in another fight that wouldnt come off so well.

    funnily enough tho had mo won the tournament and the belt. ppl would have said it was fixed for him to win the light heavyweight belt. predictable. i expect mo to become a bellator champ in the future. he showed good promise in his first fight. strangely all fights on the night finished quite quickly. well from the main card anyway. first round knockouts except 1 was a first round submission and the featherweight tourney final was a 2nd round ko too.

    • tnadude says:

      I'll "kind of" agree with you.

      The spinning back fist was an EXTREMELY LUCKY shot. Let me say it again: EXTREMELY LUCKY. If you don't agree, @ariesstormjoe already pointed out that you weren't watching.

      I'll disagree with the commentators when they called it a "hard shot". No matter how many times I watched the replay, I can't see that being a hard shot. It was just extremely well-placed. It really doesn't take a hard shot to KO someone. Just ask Forest Griffin or Anderson Silva.

      Now, here's where I'll disagree with you. Mo had it coming. Even the announcers were warning that he was holding his hands low after exchanges. Newton hit him with a couple of hard shots that should of and would have been blocked had Mo had his hands up. Any one of those could have KO'd him had they landed properly.

      After about 15 seconds into the fight it was apparent someone was going to get KO'd. Mo was clearly the better fighter. He may have the fastest hands in MMA. But his style made it unpredictable to see WHO was going to get KO'd.

      So, in a way – yeah – it really wasn't that unlucky that he got KO'd. But the shot it self – yeah – extremely lucky.

      • ariesstormjoe says:

        yes i agree with it being well placed.

        from what ive seen of the light heavy division in bellator its one of the toughest ones if your looking to climb the ladder so to speak and win the title.

        i agree with the way his style is/was. i think that leads to a fighter being very inconsistent in fights in terms of how they perform. can lead to strong wins or debateable ones. if of course they do win.

  7. Nova_numb says:

    Mo has a lot of power and probably will be a champion someday if he keeps up his MMA career. Someone just needs to teach him to keep those damn hands up. Everyone was saying that, the minute he would throw, he would drop his hands and that just makes you susceptible to a K.O. I think this just means we will see King Mo in TNA sooner now. He will probably take a couple weeks off, and be back in OVW training again to debut probably at Bound For Glory this year in the ring. I don't see it as a big loss because MMA is a totally different beast from Wrestling…King Mo after trained vs. Angle could be a solid feud.

  8. jbcissom says:

    Just saw the clip of King Mo getting KO'ed…. dude hit a lucky punch. Seriously…. it's amazing it even landed. That's just how it goes sometimes… better to be lucky than good.

  9. Rated_Maxx says:

    Call me crazy but didn't Brock Lesnar lose his first fight. After that he blew up. King Mo might do da same. Only time will tell, but you can't tell nothing to the iwc.

  10. andy3323 says:

    The guy is still 9-2 in MMA……like what was being mentioned above, obviously many on here didn't watch the fight. If these guys fight 10 times, King Mo would in all likelihood win 8 or 9 matches, hands down.

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