Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Mar 26, 2013
Kurt Angle Comments On His Future In Wrestling

Kurt Angle Comments On His Future In Wrestling

Kurt Angle recently posted the following on Twitter, noting that he is not retiring soon and that he is healthy…

I’m Not Retiring Soon. I Will Wrestle for a few More Years. Where?

But I Love TNA. Hmmmm

Wrestling Site Did a story on Where I Will Go In 6 Months. 1st of all I’m not Beat Up and Battered. I’m 110 Percent Healthy. I’m Gonna D …

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35 Responses to “Kurt Angle Comments On His Future In Wrestling”

  1. Whatever says:

    I think Kurt should finish his current contract with tna which I believe ends at the end of next year. Then he needs to go back to wwe to finish off his wrestling career there and retire and get inducted into the hall of fame. After that he can return to tna and work as an agent or producer or whatever behind the scenes job he’s looking to do. That would be a perfect end to a perfect career.

    • Philly_Cheese says:

      I doubt that's going to happen… The WWE HoF is a complete joke now, and they've offered Kurt a contract several times and has turned them down to stay with TNA. Personally I think he should continue to work for TNA, and retire with them when he feels ready which clearly isn't any time soon. Just because WWE is big and where he first started wrestling doesn't mean that's where he should retire…

    • tna24 says:

      lol go into the wwe joke hall of fame lol. no he can just stay in tna and go in tna fall of fame

      • Winfred says:

        Well said can’t wait to see Impact Live Thursday im driving to Jonwsbo

      • dcxboxx says:

        ya but the tna hof is a joke. wwe is building a hof in florida soon. and has a wide range of talent that can be considered from sting to lou thez. tna are limited since only been around a few years and never getting mainstream yet. to most people kurt angle may have been retired for the past few years since hes never been on anything mainstream. wwe can make him a house hold name again or atleast have fans remember him again. and angle could be help to the roster in getting over many of the talents. plus im all for kurt angle vs danial bryan fued.

      • Whatever says:

        Sorry but tna’s hall of fame is the biggest joke of all. You can’t be around 10 years and start up a hall of fame and then induct an active wrestler in just because there are rumors that wwe wanted to induct sting into there’s when he was finished with tna. Tell me what sport or sports entertainment inducts athletes into a hall of fame that currently still play and are active in their sport. It just doesn’t work that way but u have bishoff in Dixie’s ear saying u need to induct sting before they do. So maybe bishoff knows something the rest don’t and that is sting may jump ship when he’s ready.

        • IHNSAIN says:

          pete rose lolz u also cant induct some one who stepd in a ring like twice and got the sit beat out of him now im not sticking up for tna here cause the hof is a bit of a joke but so iss wwe hof dnt kid ur self

  2. Mr_Wrestling_IV says:

    It doesn't matter if he goes into Vince's HOF. He'll definitely end up in the Professional Wrestling HOF as well as TNA's. I personally think it's a bit premature for TNA to have a HOF and hope it won't be a joke like the "E's."

    • Bigmike885 says:

      the fact that they've only been around 10 years and have a hall of fame makes it a joke already…

      • Mr_Wrestling_IV says:

        Nice reply, you just opened yourself up to a ton of thumbs downs by saying the TNA HOF is a joke on a TNA news site…brilliant!

        • Bigmike885 says:

          Oh no!!!! Not thumbs downs!!! Whatever will I do?!?!? Sent from my iPhone

        • Bigmike885 says:

          seriously..even 6 hours later this comment makes me you really judge what you're going to say on here by what you think others will think of you? I could give two squats if i get 100 thumbs down..its a opinion board, and thats what i oponion..if you dont like it..thats completly fine..

          • Mr_Wrestling_IV says:

            Making me laugh you're still replying because it eats you up. I just said you'll get thumbs down for posting something negative on a TNA news site and yet you can't stop replying. It's just a fact that when people say something negative here about TNA they get thumbs down. You don't seem to care but still continue. You're not worth my time.

          • Bigmike885 says:

            And yet you responded….so you're time must not e that valuable.Sent from my iPhone

          • Mr_Wrestling_IV says:

            Nah, just like playing you like a yo-yo.

          • Bigmike885 says:

            Really guy? You think for a minute I care what you say? Or anybody on here says? Little kids like you need to be in bed by now. You're the one who takes this stuff waaaay to seriously. It's just wrestling and a wrestling forum.Sent from my iPhone

          • Mr_Wrestling_IV says:

            I just read an article that claims the internet is like Junior High School. After seeing how you like to push my buttons I totally agree with it. I graduated High School in 1979 and hope you'll graduate Junior High soon.

          • Bigmike885 says:

            So you admit I'm pushing your buttons? So you're almost 50 and spending your days arguing about wrestling? Stay classy my friend. I'm 22 and have nothing better to so between collage classes. What's your excuse?Sent from my iPhone

          • Mr_Wrestling_IV says:

            I'd like to know which college is incorrectly teaching you to read. And I quote…"you like to push my buttons" doesn't mean you are, it means that's what you like to do, push people's buttons. Stop skipping classes and earn a degree to better yourself.

      • DirkB says:

        I don't see why it's too early.
        As long as they keep it to people that have actually been involved with TNA in it's time, then it's all good.

        • Bigmike885 says:

          its to early because you have to have some kind of legacy or importance in your specific feild to have a HOF..UFC has one, and they've only been around 10 years, but they're the most improtant entitly in their field, the most important and biggest federation in MMA..they paved the way. TNA has never been seen as more then a DISTANT number 2 wrestling promotion..most general fans see it as still a indy federation (which we all know is not true), and the fact that their 1st induction was Sting makes it a joke. They did that just because they knew it would make WWE think twice about inducting him. And for all you who say "well sting was never in WWE" you're right, but he was the franchise player in WCW, which WWE owns and his accomplisments there should be reconized

          • tnadude says:

            Not sure why you are getting killed for saying the TNA HOF is a joke… Maybe a poor choice of words or something?

            I will pose an open challenge for you though – can anyone argue that it is LEGITIMATE? It has one guy in it. And most people don't even think he's the RIGHT guy.

            Like @Bigmike885 said, the company has only been around for 10 years. In pro-wrestling, a wrestler whose been around for 10 years is just really getting started. To join the HOF, one could argue he/she should have been with the company for more than that period of time (arguably as much as 15 years – at least off and on anyway).

            Also, any comparison to the UFC HOF is unfair. Imagine fighting in a cage for 10 years. It's an eternity. It's much different than pro wrestling. You can only take so many kicks to the head, so many arm bars, and so many left hooks.

            Heck, one could argue that if Jon Jones retired today he should be inducted. And he's only 25.

            Ok, so there you have it. Who's open to the challenge?

          • Bigmike885 says:

            I'm being killed because i said something that was negative tward tna and people act as though they own part of tna and take it way to seriously.Sent from my iPhone

          • tnadude says:

            Yeah, I know. I was asserting that people are open-minded in an effort to remind them to actually BE open-minded.

            People just need to remember if we all agreed we wouldn't have anything to write. It's okay to disagree with each other, it's how we learn…

            Oh well…

          • Bigmike885 says:

            At least someone on here gets it.Sent from my iPhone

  3. Treck says:

    WWE hall of fame is a complete joke. Vince Mcmahom is an arrogant piece of crap who thinks companies of the past are his. Yeah he purchased them but in the past those companies sweat and bled and should have rewards with those companies not make it as if their legacy belongs to wwe. This is where I am ashamed of the Bill Apter’s of wrestling who did not try to coke with a wrestling body well know for their own HOF. I am glad TNA has a hall of gameboy weetardville hall of fame is a joke. Vince Mcrapist does not own wrestling! Too bad the wrestling media empowering him to think he does.

  4. Firestormdzl says:

    I saw Kurt Angle's interview about his transition to iMPACT Wrestling and how different it is from wwe, so I don't think Kurt is going back. Kurt's reason for not going back is the same reason why Sting never signed with wwe.

  5. rrrwwws says:

    WWE hall of fame-koko b. Ware, drew carey, donald trump, TNA halll of fame-STING, i would rather have a hall of fame with all real wrestlers than the jokes mcmahons let in….and they have supposedley suppise to be building it for 10 years, tna will have 1 built before them at this rate

    • Whatever says:

      I agree that drew Carey being in HOF is laughable but trump has done a lot with wwe since the 80’s so he makes sense. Wrestlemania 4 and 5 was held at trump plaza, and he has gotten together with wwe in charity cases and things like that. The thing is everyone is going to have something negative to say about both HOF’s so people just need to move on to the next article.

    • Bigmike885 says:

      so of the almost 100 guys/gals they have in the hall of fame those are the 4 duds you have..every HOF has a dud or two..get over it…at least WWEs wrestlers eiteher had mst of their great moments in WWE, or in a company that WWE owns…NONE of Stings great moments were in TNA..all in WCW..and TNA has none of that they bascially said "we;re giving sting a HOF induction because he came here instead of there.."

  6. Roid Master says:

    Ok…so let's just agree that both HOFs are a complete joke. It's not like either one will compare to a "legitimate" sport's HOF, based on real stats (being pushed to the moon doesn't count). There are no sports writers or veterans' committees deciding this, nor are there any criteria for candidacy. Each of these HOFs is simply a marketing tool by its respective company. I prefer to think of a wrestling HOF induction simply as a lifetime achievement award for whomever agreed to take a bow for said company and leave it at that.

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