Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on May 9, 2013
Kurt Angle Headed To New York For Olympic Wrestling

Kurt Angle Headed To New York For Olympic Wrestling

TNA sent out the following today…

Kurt Angle To Attend “The Rumble On The Rails” | USA vs. Iran vs. Russia | NYC May 15

Olympic Gold Medalist, multi-time World Heavyweight Champion and TNA IMPACT WRESTLING superstar Kurt Angle will attend “The Rumble On The Rails” – USA vs. IRAN vs. RUSSIA – on May 15 at Grand Central Terminal in New York City.

Three of the world’s top powers will come together in solidarity in this historic wrestling event, which is a showcase competition as part of World Wrestling Month, declared by the international wrestling federation (FILA).

Each year, the United States, Iran and Russia are among the world’s best wrestling nations. Since the IOC Executive Board recommendation that wrestling not be a core sport at the 2020 Olympic Games, these three nations have worked closely together to help support Olympic wrestling. Although their governments do not always agree, the wrestling leaders in these nations have a strong working relationship.

TNA’s Kurt Angle joins other celebrated USA Olympians attending the event including Dan Gable, Bruce Baumgartner, John Smith, Tom Brand and Rulon Gardner.

TNA’s Television Production team will be on hand to film Kurt’s involvement at the historic competition, which will air here on our website,

For more information on “The Rumble On The Rails” event, visit, the official website of USA Wrestling

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  1. whatsup121 says:

    Kurt Angle is a machine

  2. Stunner says:

    The Olympics needs to get rid of all the bs events. Wrestling has been apart of the Olympics from the beginning one man vs another man. When did tennis become an Olympic sport as well as Basketball, snow boarding come on now some of these events are total BS period and have no roots to the original Olympics !

  3. KcmdEWq4 says:

    468407 635187Woh I love your posts , bookmarked ! My wife and i take issue along with your last point. 485899

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