Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Mar 27, 2013
Kurt Angle Hypes Slammiversary + Pre-Sale Password

Kurt Angle Hypes Slammiversary + Pre-Sale Password

— The pre-sale code for this year’s Slammiversary is ANGLESLAM. The online sale begins today (Wednesday) at 10AM for the show, which goes down on June 2nd in Boston, Massachusetts.

Steve Turcotte sent this one in: Hey, not sure if you’ll even look at this message, but wanted to send you a link to an interview that Kurt Angle had earlier today. Boston ABC affiliate had it. Basically plugging the Slammerversary PPV in June. But he talks about a few things. You can vew it at this link.

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  1. nonspecificactionfigure says:

    So since he keeps mentioning RVD, is it safe to assume he has re-signed with TNA ??

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