Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Mar 22, 2014
Kurt Angle Jumping Ship To Jeff Jarrett’s Promotion?

Kurt Angle Jumping Ship To Jeff Jarrett’s Promotion?

As noted earlier here on the website, Jeff Jarrett’s new wrestling promotion will reportedly start in January of 2015 and CMT will be their new home for cable TV. The CMT rumors come from Toby Keith, rumored to be part of the financial backing of the company, as he has close ties with the network.

There are rumors in TNA that Kurt Angle could be the lead star of Jarrett’s new promotion. Despite Jarrett and Angle having issues in the past, the two are reportedly on good terms now as we reported. TNA contracts like with Hulk Hogan, Sting, and AJ Styles, many feel that Angle staying without taking a dramatic pay cut is unlikely.

Jarrett’s promotion would also reportedly introduce a lot of new faces to the US scene. Jarrett has been talent scouting at indy wrestling events and looking at videos of talents people are recommending to him, including a great deal of international talent. In addition, the promotion would reportedly open with a reality show for Jeff and Karen Jarrett, which would be a vehicle designed to help launch the promotion a few months later.

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10 Responses to “Kurt Angle Jumping Ship To Jeff Jarrett’s Promotion?”

  1. 02Roadking says:

    For me, there is room for both TNA and JJ's promotion. All the more reason to ignore the wwe…

  2. Dependant says:

    Sounds cool not a big fan of it being on CMT though sounds out of the loop.

  3. Sturk says:

    PPL thumbed me down when I agreed that it would open with a reality show on the last post. It's obvious that it will be a reality show of some sorts if you've been watching their videos and seeing all the photo shoots with the two. I can't wait for it all. More wrestling for me.

  4. UCEAD11 says:

    I have a feeling he will too. But hey that still brings three shows to TV….TNA just has to shake Spike TV….If JJ wrestling show is successful, maybe another broadcaster will pick up TNA from spike.

  5. jasonwildthing says:

    I could not work for my ex wife's husband

  6. NARDDAWG says:

    jeff is ok, but leave Karen with the kids, and maybe I'll watch it

  7. matthoover40 says:

    Love Jeff & Karen and think they'll be successful, but I don't think they need to bring Kurt into it. I really am kind of tired of him, only because he keeps being portrayed as this unstoppable machine who is the greatest wrestler in the world when we know neither of those are true. Kurt is a great technician, but I've never thought he was anything above average as an in-ring storyteller and Jeff needs to build his promotion with new stars. I'm sure he'll have a few old faces around just to help get a TV deal and bring in casual fans, but unless Kurt has some other role that doesn't require him to talk too much or wrestle, he's not needed.

  8. Get_Carter says:

    Angle would be a good anchor for a new promotion. Even if Kurt can only wrestle sporadically from now on due to health issues he could play a vital part as a recognizable face on tv (general manager type role). If it keeps Kurt from going back to the WWE i'm all for it.

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