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Kurt Angle Praises King Mo & Batista, Talks UFC

Kurt Angle Praises King Mo & Batista, Talks UFC

Here is more form Kurt Angle’s interview on MMA Uncensored on King Mo being in MMA and more:

On King Mo getting into wrestling: “Well, I think King Mo is a natural because he has a lot of charisma. He’s has to learn the techniques. He’s actually called me probably every other week asking me when will the soreness go away. Pro wrestling is very grueling, you take a lot of punishment.”

On Batista doing MMA: “I think Bautista is a special talent. I think he’s a very tough guy, I think he’s going to do very well in MMA. He wasn’t an amateur wrestler like most pro wrestlers that cross over usually were amateurs wrestlers like Brock Lesnar or Bobby Lashley. But, Bautista will do really well. He’s a tough kid, he’s got a great knockout punch. I know that for sure because I was up in WWE and I’ve seen him have a couple of fights. [Laughs.]”

On Dana White saying he agreed to be on The Ultimate Fighter 10 and then the deal falling through: “That is true. The hard part about it was that Dana and I never had a problem with money. I met with Dana at different times — two times to be exact — where I went out to Las Vegas and sat down with Dana White. I even took the UFC physical. The problem was the starting date. He wanted me ready in four and a half weeks. I did not think I would be ready at that particular time. I didn’t want to go in there half-hearted, I didn’t want to embarrass myself. I wanted 3-6 months but at the time, he couldn’t give me that time. I respect Dana White and his decision and my decision, I hope he can respect that as well.”

On if he and Brock Lesnar had a legit wrestling match in WWE: “A, it is true. What happened was Brock Lesnar came in and he said I was too small and he was too big for me. I kept challenging him every week. Eventually, we got in the ring and we went at it. I’ll just say that I got the better of him but I can tell you that Brock Lesnar is an animal, he’s a beast. At his prime — and I want to say before he got sick — I wanna say he’s one of the baddest guys on the planet. He had the strength, the quickness, the finesse. you don’t have a guy that size that can do the things he did. He wasn’t just a great pro wrestler, he was a great MMA fighter. He would have gotten better if he didn’t get sick. I think that the sickness that he had definitely brought him down a couple notches to where he really wasn’t the real Brock Lesnar.

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13 Responses to “Kurt Angle Praises King Mo & Batista, Talks UFC”

  1. ricky_No1 says:

    Batista is a 43 year old with no past MMA experience, no amature wrestling experience, jiu jitsu experience and as booker T showed everyone at the infamous summerslam party, a glass jaw. Do well in MMA? i for one dont believe he will

    • Pipboy86 says:

      I agree, he has less a chance of being successful in MMA than Kurt Angle would. Cardio was never one of Roidtistas strong points as either. After the first couple of rounds, cardio becomes one of the most important aspects of MMA, if not the most important aspect. How many times have we seen a guy look really good coming out and then his legs and hands look like they are made of lead and he basically just just gives up because he can't get any wind? It was obvious that Lesnars physical condition, including his cardio really suffered after he got sick, because he couldn't train as hard. Before that, Kurt was right, he was a beast. His technique was a little suspect at first, but once he got past that he was obviously a powerful and elite athlete. Probably the most physically dominant guy I have ever seen in MMA and that says a lot because I've been watching it since the early days of UFC when it was basically a freak show filled with bar room brawlers, karate kats, ninjas (LOL), boxers, wrestlers, jiu-jitsu experts and a few well rounded MMA guys.

    • Peckar says:

      He has been studying BJJ for the last few years and is a Thai Boxer anyway. I guess we will see. Can't fault the guy for having a crack.

      • ricky_No1 says:

        Dont get me wrong, i too cant fault him for having a crack and hope he proves me wrong. Im just stating the facts as i see em. Im 44 years of age just like batista, hold a black belt in judu and purple belt in BJJ and my son is training MMA so i think im qualified to comment on his chances.

        • Peckar says:

          Isn't everybody now? You said he had no experience, you were wrong. Heres some humble cake Mr Machida. For the record, its my experience that most people who put other athletes down are nothing but couch enthusiasts.

          • ricky_No1 says:

            For one im not putting him down and two a wee bit of kick boxing and BJJ do not equate to MMA experience just a small amount of training. Now training and experience are two different things.. Another thing, why be a dick because my opinion differs from yours?

          • Peckar says:

            You obviously know nothing about Muay Thai. He was also doing it long before he was in the E. You had no idea of his experience and now you claim to know how much he has .lol. Truth hurts. Cry me a river.

          • ricky_No1 says:

            I know of his history and once again just like i said a bit of recreational kick boxing and club bouncing isnt fighting experience is it. Now go bother someone else with your batista fanboy crap.

          • Peckar says:

            No fanboy here. Just stating facts. Something you are not familiar with.

          • ricky_No1 says:

            Everything i said is a fact but for some reason you got on your high horse and felt the need to defend batista and insult me even though i only expresed my humble opinion. Most certainly the actions of a batista mark

  2. Listentna says:

    Does anyone else want to see kurt fight randy couture because that i think would be a great wrestling match

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