Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Dec 13, 2012
Kurt Angle Provides Injury Update – Details Inside

Kurt Angle Provides Injury Update – Details Inside

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— Kurt Angle, who suffered a groin injury Sunday at Final Resolution, offered an update on his health status Wednesday.

“Injury Will take a few Weeks,” Angle noted of his recovery time from the injury to a follower. He later wrote, “Hey my friends. Got a little Injury. But, I Will Be Back Very Soon. Thanks for Your tweets. Much Love. TNA! God Bless.”

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4 Responses to “Kurt Angle Provides Injury Update – Details Inside”

  1. purpleurkel says:

    groin tear…2 weeks??

    I like Kurt but he lied about a "tear".
    Muscle tears take at least 2 months of PT to heal before you can use it….without making it worse.
    Bravado aside…nobody heals that fast
    this sounds more like a strain

    • TheSmoakMachine says:

      Very true, but if there’s one guy who fights through pain and injuries, it’s Angle.

    • tnadude says:

      They just taped 3 weeks worth of Impacts. Give him a light role for a couple of weeks, then a short match and you'd be surprised how quick that can spread out to two months.

  2. Treck says:

    Sounds to me like a strain as well.

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